Monday, May 27, 2013


Happy Monday-the school holidays are here and the road is almost traffic-free, the office is quiet with staffs still on long weekend leave and having a delicious breakfast - Baked French Toast. 

I have soaked the stale bread (my own homemade loaf) with mixture of 1 cup whipping cream; 2 eggs, 1/4 cup maple syrup; cinnamon and vanilla paste overnight. Baked them this morning for 20 minutes at 190C.

Lunch again was vegan with oats and multigrains taken  together with some stir-fry beansprouts and cabbage bought from the economy rice seller. 
Still trying our best to have  Meatless Monday, we went for dinner at Simple Life cafe at Leisure Mall.   This new cafe serves organic vegetarian meals.   

The open concept of the cafe - not much privacy as everyone who walk past will be looking in and also maybe not that clean -imagine the dust particles going into your meal!

There are various set meals- Hakka Lui Cha, Mini Steamboat, curry pot etc. Service was attentive but again it was Monday evening, don't know about the service during the weekends.

We ordered their Hakka Lui Cha.  

Brown rice served with a condiments of various vegetables.   The green tea/soup came in this little teapot and it is hot which is good.

Don't be deceived by this small portion of rice- it is more than enough for one person.

Here we goes- all the condiments get mixed with the rice.

The green tea/soup is added and voila - healthy, organic green goodness!
It is delicious and refreshing,  the herbal flavour which sometimes accompany this dish is not too obvious here. Each portion cost RM15.90 and there is a service charge.


  1. I never try Lui Cha, scare don't like the taste...

  2. Hi, good morning.
    This version is more like thick green tea. Not so much mint/basil flavours as others. Very healty and detox too!