Tuesday, May 7, 2013


World Book Day was celebrated on 23rd April to promote reading and honours some great literary legends. It originated in Spain in 1923 when booksellers decided to mark the day that Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes died in 1616.  He was known for his classic tale Don Quixote. April 23 also marks St George's Day in Catalonia where men give roses to their lovers and women give a book in exchange (quoted from The Sun newspaper).

My favourite bookstore - Bookxcess organised a treasure hunt to promote this World Book Day besides giving discounts too!  I signed up for the treasure hunt, not knowing what we were expected to do.  

So even Batman and Cat Woman came "alive" from the comics too!

This was my team - I was alone.

The rest of the participants.

Briefing before the Treasure Hunt. 

One, two, three, we were all ready to go. 

Have to go for a detour as I could not get the correct answers. 
Doing Yoga poses as a "punishment" !

One of section of the hunt, blind tasting. 

Not only to blind taste 7 different flavours, you got to remember and write them down in sequence!

Patrolling and checking on the hunters!
Finally we have the winners 
The winners got  RM200.00 book vouchers from Bookxcess while the rest of us got a goodie bag with RM10.00 book voucher.

Thank You for a enjoyable time.
Do visit their website for more photos.

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