Tuesday, May 28, 2013


On Wesak Day, I had a wonderful evening at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre.
It was another meetup group (Holistic Living) gathering.  As its name suggest, lifestyle that affects us spiritually, mentally, emotionally and environmentally.  I was  happy to meet the organiser Mr. Wong Kee Yew.  He is a lecturer with a Wellness Centre and he really "look the talk"!.  
He had organised for us to watch the musical Broken Bridges at KLPAC.
We arrived early  and took the opportunity to wander around its serene surroundings.   I felt so peaceful and relax that this zen atmosphere of  quietness and tranquility provoked.
Sarah and her cousin enjoying themselves in this mini "bamboo forest".
The lake with the beautiful  koi fishes. The bistro in the background.
 The  Asian restaurant on the other said of the lake.

Care to sit and meditate under this old tree- it may not be the bodi tree but you may become enlighten too?

We walked over to the Richard's Bistro for our dinner before the show.  

A cosy dining bistro.  There are also alfresco dining beside the lake as well (see the photo above).

 Spaghetti aglio olio with Prawns.

 Spaghetti alle vongole - plenty of clams - delicious

The local production musical show - Broken Bridges.  There was a write up of this show in The Star.

I  enjoyed this 2 hours show.   As the show started, the performers gave a energetic and rousing dance routine.  There were many dancing and singing  and I can see the time and effort that the performers have put into the show.  

As I sat there watching the story unfold, it bring back memories of my father.   I can truly relate to this storyline- the generation of the 1960's (?) and our relationship with our father- he is a strict disciplinarian and his short words, though few,  are enough to send shivers down our spine when he got angry.  I now know that all these hide his feeling of  love and concern for us.  He wanted us to do good in our life and will not tolerate if any of us goes "offline" anything against his words.  It was so important that our  behaviour and actions are "acceptable" in the society at that time.  I can remember how he will wait up for us if we will to go out with our friends, be it boys or girls and yes at 10pm it is consider late for us too! Sometimes it was difficult to talk to him, so many times, our requests were through our mediator, our mother. 
One thing, I can remember too- is that my father had never caned us - maybe he got someone else to do that for him. :D!.
I am glad that nowadays we  have a better relationship with our children.   We can open up and share our thoughts and dreams with them and vice versa as well.  We are not afraid to admit our weakness to them and show them that we parents are human too!

So glad that this Wesak day, the young generation were able to catch a glimpse of the times and expectations of the society  that we have gone through and I was able to share these thoughts through this show!.


  1. From the 1st 4 pictures, the place looks so peaceful...

  2. Good morning,
    It is a very nice place to relax!