Monday, April 8, 2013


Sarah reminded me that it has been a long time since I last did my baking.
And she is right.
So I baked these Rosebud Madeliene - Recipe taken from The Domestic Goddess by Nigella

One of the baking pans that I bought from Melbourne was this Madeliene pan.
The recipe used Rosewater as flavouring.  I immersed 2 organic dried rosebuds to the rosewater for a deeper aroma. I also added a few bits of the rosebuds into the mixture.

These are full of the rosewater flavour/aroma and utterly delicious. This is the first time I baked these cuties and am glad that they turned out right- slightly brown at the edges and with the "hump" too!

The castella cake has been posted by many bloggers.  I decided to try baking it too and again I am glad that I did.  It taste great  without any fat (ie butter) - loved the  green tea flavour. I baked this with a loaf pan.

I had to make use of my stock of the  green tea powder, so I also baked some Green Tea Financier cake (sorry forgot to take photos) Recipe from the BBC Good Food Mazagine. Don't worry this will be something I willdefinitely be baking again.        

So it was tea-time with a nice cup of coffee - the Bodum coffee maker, a present  from Jeremy and grounded coffee beans from Quists coffee from May.  


  1. I have not try baking Madeliene before...

  2. Good morning,
    Me too... until I finally got the pan. But glad that I did, it is easy to do and taste great too! Do try