Tuesday, April 16, 2013



We landed back in Melbourne from Sydney before noon. We headed home and spend the afternoon sorting our the dirty laundry and packing my bags. I found that the luggage was over-weight and had to take out some of the cake pans which May had given me as well as some chocolates too.  She will have to bring these over to me on her next trip back home.

We were meeting up with my sister Vicky and her husband Bill for dinner.   May had booked a spanish meal for us tonight at Bolera's - French and Spanish Cuisine at Warrandyte- around 15 minutes drive from her house. May has undertaken a Spanish language course to facilitate her voluntary work overseas and she is very much interested in their cuisine as well.  

A Bakery opposite the restaurant- filled the air with the  aroma of fresh baked bread! Loved the tranquil and green surroundings here. 

This quaint restaurant is surrounded with beautiful greenery and has al fresco dining as well.  The night was cool and its romantic dining under the stars once it was dark.
However we choose to sit inside where it is warmer. The interior has a rustic/homely feel with dim lighting and brick walls and an open kitchen.    The restaurant has won some awards as can be seen in those cetificates hanging on the wall. 
Vicky with Bill.   
Once we  were seated by the friendly staff, we were each served with a complimentary glass of Sangria which Spanish word means for "blood".  This is because of the typical red-colour drink - consisting mainly of wine (red), chopped fruits and  some brandy as well.     

Slices of baguette served with a dipping plate of warm olive oil together with balsamic vinegar and green olives.

 While waiting for the main course, we ordered this tapas- Saute Garlic  Mushroom and chorizo that came  in a small terracotta pot of  bubbling hot olive oil and  served with pieces of toasted garlic bread. We loved dipping the bread in the olive oil.  It was so yummy and it was so diffucult for us to stop ourselves!  

The Main course- Seafood Paella.  We have pre-ordered this when making the reservation as they told us that it could take more than 45 minutes to cook.  The word paella derive from the Latin word meaning pan and probably has been so called because of the shallow pan used to cook this dish.  The rice was soft and full of flavour of the big prawns (or shrimps as they call it);  calamari,  chucks of fish and chicken as well as the spices (saffron is normally used)! 
Very, Very delicious but this serving  for 4 persons is too much for us! They graciously doggie bag the remaining leftovers for us. 
This restaurant is a family run business and the owner and staffs (son and daughter?) are so friendly and made dining here comfortable and a  joy as well. 

A happy and satisfactory meal indeed. Thanks May.



  1. Sounds like a great place to dine. Is this place far away from Melbourne city?

  2. Good morning,
    It is a great place and far from the city. It is in Warrandyte