Monday, April 1, 2013


18/3/2013- PART 1

Two's a company and three is a crowd.  It was  so nice and  very accomodating of  the newly wed to allow us to crash into their honeymoon time :D!
Inspite of the busy schedule, Jeremy had planned a short trip for us to Jervis Bay - to watch the dolphins.  He had rented a car for the 8 of us - his new in-laws, the 2 bridesmaid and me and Aunty May.

Before he came to pick us up, we checked out of the hotel and went for our breakfast.

We took a short walk up to the Town Hall train station and saw the breakfast crowd at this cafe at the foodcourt. Brazilian Cafecito- serving  Brazilian cuisine but we were only there for breakfast.  To read more about the food, visit  the blog of Grab Your Fork.

Some of the Brazilian foodstuff for sale.
Bagel with ham and cheese.
Blueberry bagel with jam.

Finally we were on the way to Jervis Bay.  It should take about 2 hours  from Sydney. However since we were not in hurry, we make several stops along the way.

First pit stop- Wollongong - there are many natural parks and walks that are available here. 
 Scenic view from the observatory.
 Foretaste of more scenic views as we drove on.
 It was quite chilly despite of the sunny weather.

From Wollongong, we continued our drive  through rolling hills and dairy farms till we arrived at the next attraction.
Meanwhile, on the way, we had some of these delicious Kimbap - rice rolls made by Eunice's mother, so thoughtfully prepared for each of us. 

 The next stop was at Kiama.  What a way to relax - so peaceful,  clear blue sky and sea! Hardly any noise pollution here except for the seagulls.

 The lighthouse
Walking down to see the Blowhole

Met with an explosive burst of the sea water- and almost got drenched!
This is where the action starts.  When the waves/water enter the caves, it compresses the air in the cavity. As water retreats/recedes the compressed air forces water upwards the blowhole.  

The escaping air causes the loud "oomph" sound and you can see the spectacular display of the water in the air.

We walked further down towards the sea.

Waves pounding the shoreline.

I was so thrilled to catch this rainbow as the water recedes! Wonderful sight to behold!

The next stop was Berry and it looked  like we have stepped back in time.

 We wandered down Queen Street and found some interesting quirky sights.

The Great Southern Hotel. Noticed the surf boats perched  on top of the roof.  Probably a mode of escape during the flooding of this area in the 1800's.
 The Wilson General Store.
The whole shop is dedicated to the cuckoo clocks- you don't need to go to Switzerland for them

Berry Bakery- no,  this is not what we stop for...

This is a gourmet food shop and cafe.
I really loved the attitude of the customer services in this country, the sales person seems  always so cheerful and helpful,  and no "black faces" even though you are just browsing- even in the supermarkets!. 

Rustic artisan sourdough and breads!

Welcoming sign -
This is the bookshop in the courtyard

This is what we were invited to come in to see -
a 120 years old grapefruit tree! Here they don't mind you taking photos (always ask first anyway).! 

The original blacksmiths sign-  

Now it is a dance studio - barn dancing anyone?

This is what we were looking forward to......

Berry- famous Donut Van

Donuts are served unadorned and plain.

Just the right treat for our teatime- hot, light and  fluffy donuts.
We all agreed that this is the best donuts so far! 

By the time we finished the tea-break, it on the road again towards our destination for the night.


  1. The Bagel with ham and cheese looks good...

    Nice place with nice scenic...

  2. Oh yes, but the donut taste even better!