Tuesday, April 2, 2013


18/3/2013- Part 2

It has became our "honeymoon trip" too!  We don't have to do anything except to relax and enjoy ourselves.
We were staying  overnight at the town of Vincentia- still part of the Grand Pacific Drive from Sydney.

We arrived at the accomodation  which Jeremy has booked for the night.

The sign says " Life's a Beach"

 There is no beach in sight and it looked more like lost world!

Finally saw it peeking among  the foliage.

Whilst waiting for the keys.

Jeremy with his father-in-law. His father-in-law reversed the car as he said in Korea, that's how they park their car and its a Kia Carnival so he had no problem at all!

A welcoming photo from the owners themselves.

The fully eqipped kitchen - no problem washing up as there is a dish washer too!

 Bed linens and towels are also provided and wifi available too

 Each room has its own personality.

There are lots of eclectic and nice loving touches in and around the house.

hammocks are provided for lazing around. 

View from the 2nd floor balcony

 May checking out the garden. There is BBQ pit at the right corner of the picture as well.

 These are  what she found - a crocodile
 An elephant

the fish pond  

Freddy the frog as well as the hippo!

Last but not least a statute of Buddha's head.

The sun was setting as we finished exploring the house and sorted out the sleeping arrangements. We decided to go to Hyams beach to watch the sun set. 

Hyams Beach with its fine sparkling  whitest sand in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records  
The sands is really startling white and it squeaked as we walked barefooted. This is due to the high silicon content in the sands here. That's why it is so cooling but it can easily overheat/burn  in the summer/sun.

More like snow than sand

sharing an intimate moment together

As the  rays of the sun finally set, we drove back to the supermarket to get some seafood for the dinner tonight.  
May always say - must bring Jeremy along on their holidays trip when he was staying in Melbourne with her.
 And you know why?
 The chef and his assistant hard at work
 Table set by Eunice and they even brought along the red wine to celebrate.

 Seafood Pasta- the shrimps were really succulent and fresh.

Fresh greens with balsamic vinegar and Truffle oil dressing. 
Desserts: cheese, wine, mandarin oranges and grapes. 
We had a good time getting to know each other family  more as we sat and chat around coffee after the dinner. 
The wonder of the fresh air and chilly winds, the good food and company, the peace and quietness of the place started to work its magic and soon we were off to snooze time.


  1. From the pictures, see that the place is quite relaxing...

  2. Good morning, definitely "a paradise" for relaxation!