Tuesday, April 9, 2013



After  a good night sleep, I woke up early.  I did not even know that my nephew Wai Kit dropped  by last night! Imagine I went to bed at Malaysian time 6.30pm hahaha!.

  Did a morning walk around her garden. Tomatoes on the vine.
Cactus plant - infact took back a few stalks and hopefully it will grow here. There is a lime and lemon tree as well some mint too.

This morning the itinerary was to do some sightseeing.
We joined the morning office crowd traffic jam and after 3 times going round the road, we managed to find  the Abbortsford Convent and Bakery- tucked away from the main road.

What a beautiful setting for a breakfast.
 The Convent Bakery  in the annexe building  of the Convent.

It boast 2 wood fired ovens built in 1901- where artisan breads are still produce daily.   
 The cafe offers full breakfast and lunch as well.

There is wide variety of rustic sandwiches, pastries, pies etc
and of course macaroons.

May waiting for her coffee. 
 Ham, cheese and tomato croissants
Latte to begin our day- they used its own certified Fair Trade and Organic coffee which is roasted in house here and you can also purchase the coffee beans at the Bakery.

Almond/Apple  croissants
 A visit to the ladies!
 TheConvent hosts many cultural and community events.  This is an Art Exhibition on  Tram 960 plus on the backlane scenes around Victoria.

After the breakfast, we took a leisurely walk around the Convent grounds.There are 11 magnificent buildings and gardens spread over 6.8 hectares. 

 The Convent was built around the 19th century and was one of largest convent in Victoria.

The architectural and designs of the buildings in the Convent are truly worth seeing.

Lentils as Anything is a series of "Pay what you can" organic and vegetarian restaurants in Melbourne. 

The restaurant here is the largest besides ones in St Kilda and Footscray 
 The restaurants wholly rely on the generosity of the patrons, volunteers and suppliers to operate.  Patrons are asked to "pay what they feel" the meal, service and beverages are worth by contributing an amount of their choice into the box at the counter!.

It is a multicultural and refugee friendly organisation.

 Meals are buffet style and you can choose your own meals.

The serenity around the gardens/grounds of the Convent.

The Sisters of the Good Shepherd Church 

Bronze statute outside the church.

There is the Collingwood Children's Farm  and the Yarra Bend parks nearby too.  We did not visit the farm - where you can enjoy being a farmer for the day! 

We have to rush down to the  city to join the tour  in Melbourne Town Hall building.


  1. There's a time i was so tiring too that i slept at 8pm and woke up the next morning at around 7 plus, keke....

  2. There's always a time to play and a time to rest. Listen to our body!