Thursday, April 4, 2013


I think I can safely  vouched that everyone had a good rest last night amidst such beautiful surroundings.  The first persons to awake were Eunice's parents. They just returned from an early walk as I woke up!. Jeremy and Eunice again prepared a scrumptious breakfast for us while we were all getting ready.
We had a leisurely breakfast- scrambled eggs with bacons, fresh greens, saute mushroom and sausages and bread and of course good coffee!.

After breakfast, it was time to clear and packed up.  We drove to the Jervis Bay Marine Park.    


If you look properly in the forest, you will find the trees are dancing!

Lest we forget - Memorial of Korea war and the shipwreck.

Clear blue sky, white sands and turquoise waters

the boardwalk along the bay

May with Mr and Mrs Lee.
Jeremy playing with  a pair of dogs. Dogs are equally well mannered and well trained too!

Eating while waiting for the cruise - they have 2 trips - early morning at 10 am or 1 pm.

Once on board, we were advised to wear their jackets, more against the cold winds out in the open sea than  for safety.

leaving the bay
 and into the deep waters where we stopped and waited for the Bottlenose Dolphins to make their appearance. Bottlenose Dolphins are actually small whales and they are mammals and they are so called because the short rounded snout that resembles a bottle. They are highly active and social too, following the waves made by the boat or leaping playfully into the air.  However I can tell you that it is not that easy to capture their photos as you can see below. they kept swimming right and left below the boat - so playful! 

By the time you see their dorsal fin slicing through the water, be prepare for the leap in the air - not high just above the surface of the sea.

After "playing" around with the dolphins for more than half an hour, the cruise continued on and took us around the bay.

some of the beaches along the bay

We went past the Military/Maritime training school (out of bounds) and to Captain's Point and saw some kangaroos on their grounds too.   

We finally made it back ashore and it was already past lunchtime but that did not deter us from eating these: 

Fried calamari rings
Baramundi or shark fillets?

fries and another type of fillet

I am more interested in their famous pies!
Not the Husky dog's meat, but this town is called Huskisson

Lovely Beef and Potato Pie
The Spicy Lentil Pie is vegetarian and very delicious too.

This is actually a swimming pool of sea water- floating here should not be  a problem.  You can see that the end of the swimming pool ends towards the sea and the high tide will bring in the sea water!
Thus ended the short but truly enjoyable trip.  On our drive back to Sydney, we slept most of the way while Jeremy got to keep himself awake- pity him! But at least he brought us safely back home.

We dropped the girls at their hotel and both of us were "camping" overnight at Jeremy's place as both of us were leaving for Melbourne early in the morning.

Jeremy took us for a farewell dinner at this Italian restaurant.

Wood fire oven and handmade pizza.

He ordered 3 pizza - Proscuitto with Olives, Eggplant/tomatoes and a 4 cheese pizza

I would like to say  a big Thank You to Jeremy and Eunice organising everything from A to Z and it was a marvellous and wonderful trip together.

Next - back to Melbourne . 


  1. Wow..that's a lovely breakfast and I always enjoy such a delish spread of food.

    Can't wait to read more about your trip in Melbourne.

    Cheers, Elaine!

  2. Waiting to see more of your trip writeup...

    Have a great weekend ahead..

  3. Good morning,
    glad that you have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed myself!
    Will be posting shortly on the Melbourne trip.!