Sunday, April 7, 2013


Day 1 - 10/3/2013

So the main purpose of  the trip to Melbourne has been accomplished smoothly.
Time to go backwards with my first day in Melbourne.  I took the afternoon flight on Emirates and reached Melbourne airport at midnight! I came out of the arrival hall,  my sister Vicky and hubby Bill were there to pick me up and we reached May's house at around 3.00 am.  She woked up to welcome me and I finally got my bath and slipped into bed around 4.00 am.

She had thoughtfully prepared the bedroom for us with the little touches - fruits, magazine and face/hand cream and sprigs of  her home grown rosemary.
Had a good rest and woke up late morning. She prepared breakfast for me and after that we went down to the city center.  

First stop - The new Royal Children's Hospital where she work.  I can tell you that this visit is an eye-opener for me.  I would never have thought of this place as  a hospital,  if not for the nurses and patients around the place.  The interior of the hospital is so interesting and colourful! 

 Butterfly mobiles descending from the ceiling

 A tall aquarium from the ground floor ascending upwards - the fishes here are maintained by the Melbourne Zoo- it must feel relaxing and peaceful watching the fishes while waiting for the appointment.

 A giant caterpillar too? and the butterfly does moves its wings- place to tumble, climb and slide

An open courtyard within the hospital- the sunlight making the interior bright and cheerful

 Seen these ?- there were plenty of them in the movie -Life of Pi.
 They are the meerkat!  Another attraction here managed by the Melbourne Zoo as well within the the confines of the hospital
They are so cute and one of them is always standing guard over the flock.

 The hospital was officially opened by Her Majesty the Queen
    Her signature on the visitor's book.

 Each floor are named and decorated according to  nature

Inside the clean, bright and colourful lifts.

Guess the name of each floors?

The clown doctors - bringing  fun and laughter and making the hospital's visit and stay bearable for the kids.
The high-tech operating theatre where many lives are changed.
This was a very informal hospital tour but it left a deep impression on me.  The trouble or should, I say the care and planning taken by this hospital for the children is truly amazing.  I am sure the kids would love to visit the hospital be they sick or not!.  There is nothing drab or gloomy atmosphere and indeed you feel such a good vibe and energy about the whole place.  Maybe it is time to change the opinion the way hospitals should be build. 
We took the tram down to the South Bank where the Moomba Festival and the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival were held. And it was so, so hot that day !

You will know that this is the hospital tram stop- it is even  gaily decorated with cartons.
We stop at the Flinder's Train Station.

Have you seen this mural of tiles in Flinder's Train Station.

And walked across to Federation Square and then onto the south bank. There were some water sports/competition going on at the river.

 Moomba Festival -"lets get together and have fun"! This is held annually around the month of March.

There were lots of rides, games and food  stalls- aboriginal musical display!

Finally we arrived at the red stairs -

Coffee tasting -
In the middle of the afternoon, it is just too hot to sit down and enjoy the coffee.
Instead, we made a beeline into the Crown Casino nearby to cool ourselves and for some food.

Sho Noodles inside the casino

Ah.ahah... just right for a much needed rest.

Big bowl of  Noodles with Fish fillet 

Fresh succulent fish fillets and clear broth.

We ventured outside again after our late lunch and saw more of the offerings at the Food Festival

We decided to call it a day as both of us were feeling tired and hot,  must be the lack of sleep last night. 
So we walk back to the station to take the train back to the hospital where her car was parked.

The Cupcake Bakery 

Bought some pies on the way back.
Pie Faces 
Crisp flaky pastry with moist filling. But after tasting the pies in Huskinsson, this was so-so.

May cooked some of dumpling which she had ordered from her friend for our dinner and we had lots of peaches, and yogurt for our dessert.


  1. is truly an eye opener for me. cannot imagine that is a hospital.

    Yes, we went to the South Bank. Too bad we missed the cruise.

  2. Yes, the hospital is truly magnificant!

  3. Waiting for more of your trip writeup... :)

  4. Good morning
    Thanks - coming soon....!