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I just realise that I had forgotten to post this.

17/3/2013 AM

After a late and  not so restful night, we woke up and got ready to meet Jeremy for "yum cha".

We were still bothered with the loss of May's ring! When we came back to the hotel last night, she informed me that her sapphire ring was lost!, We searched the whole room and she even tracked back to the elevators.  So both of us were upset over this incident.  Thank God she went through all her bags again and found it  inside her evening bag. It was a gift from our late mother that's why she was so upset.

So we made our way to Sydney's Chinatown and ran into a  St. Patrick's Day  parade.

 The City Hall, I think, under renovation.

What is St. Patrick's Day without  Guinness?
Cute little girls in their pretty dresses performing the Irish jig.

 The showcase of various Irish pubs

 There is no hold back when it comes to dressing  up for the parade!
 These are Wolfhounds from Ireland-
one of the exhibits of an old brewery

  Pubs crawl- Eat, Drink, Sleep.

 .. already some of these pubs are packed with patrons.

 Beer is cheap

 But for us, it is a cup of latte at Gloria Jeans as we had not taken our breakfast yet.

Part of the shopping complex- all Japanese Restaurants! 
One thing, I noticed that the Japanese cuisine is popular with the Australian!. 

The Golden tree (trunk?) at the Chinatown.

Playing good music with empty bottles!

Marigold Restaurant- popular venue for Yum Cha 

They loved the dimsums- apparently these are not popular in Korea

After yum cha, Jeremy had to do some errands, so Eunice walked us towards the Opera House.

On the way,  visited the Queen Victoria Building- named to honour the monarch's Diamond Jubilee first opened in 1898.

Chocolates and more chocolates for coming Easter!

The QVB building faced near- demolition from 1959 to 1971. It was massively restored in 1982 and reopened to the public 1986.  Further refurbishment in 2009 restored QVB to all its former glory.

 Some of the historical features -

 original mosaic floor tiles on levels 1 and 2.
 Glorious Stained Glass Windows at the Centre Dome Area
The majestic Centre Dome  consisting a glass interior and an exterior copper-sheath. There is the original 19th century spiral staircase along the dome.

 You can see the superb craftmanship of the era past.

The Royal Clock Tower- it performs on an hour showing scenes of Royal English history.

I don't know why and how we would have missed the Queen Victoria Ballroom- now known as the Tea Room. Maybe we were too full to go for High Tea at that time!

You can book for  is guided tour available every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays at A$15.00 through the concierge.
Next - up the road towards Sydney Opera House and The Rocks.

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