Sunday, April 14, 2013



We had a lazy morning breakfast at home as today's itinerary was just to do some shopping. Come to think of it, haven't got much time to do my shopping.   Besides May had also booked a facial for me in the afternoon to get me looking my best for the wedding day - as the groom's mother of course!. 

She dropped me at the nearest shopping mall, Eastland Shopping Mall and went on to do her own things/banking etc.    I always prefer to do my shopping on my own anyway.  I like browsing especially at those lovely homeware shops and I can literally spend hours there though often not buying anything!  I had made up a list of what things I actually wanted to get.  Things that are hard to find in my area and yet are cheap over here.

An assortment of baking pans, 2 miniature bottles of Grand Marnier and 1 of  kirsch liqueur, sugar and meat thermometer and also a bottle of dog shampoo for my doggies - What? (But  it is not available in KL and besides must get them a present too)!

Last but not least - a box (24) of chocolate bunnies! You want to know how I brought them back to KL?

May took me to the K-mart to get a roll of bubble wrap.  Each bunny was carefully wrapped with it and placed in the hand carry.   I was a bit worried about the breakage but they all arrived in KL safe and sound!. 

We met up again for lunch.  She took me to the Myers' cafe upstairs.

Hot chocolate with marshmallow- such a comforting drink not too sweet and very chocolately. I don't know why, but she always seem to order hot chocolate for me, not that I am complaining - it is CHOCOLATE and unlike  any malt drink.

We ordered the Fish and Chips - It is very popular here and we get at senior citizen rate too! 2 big pieces of fish freshly fried yet still moist within and plenty of crispy fries with a salad too.

After the heavy lunch, it was time to go for my facial at her friend's home at Croydon.   She used all natural products and it was hands-on facial (no machine used).   Indeed I felt totally relaxed and pampered at the end of the facial, at least my eye bags were less prominent.

We met Hyejung for dinner at the Mitcham Hotel nearby their apartment as Wai Kit was not free that night.

There is no fireplace but ambience was welcoming and warm and the staff friendly. Drinks and dinner buns were served immediately as we sat down.

 Gnocchi with Roasted Pumpkin. The gnocchi was soft and fluffy and the sweetness of pumpkin was intensified by the roasting, together with the cheesy sauce- heavenly!

Vegetarian Risotto with roasted tomatoes.  The rice is just al' dente but yet flavourful.  Very good which May managed to finish.
Grilled Salmon with vegetables- salmon was very fresh and just perfectly grilled, not overcooked.

Thus ended another wonderful day.


  1. For me, if i go tour, i like to go sightseeing instead of shopping, hehe...

  2. Well guess its the shopholic in us but I agree that sightseeing will always be first then shopping - that's make the trip more enjoyable. haha.