Thursday, April 3, 2014



The same morning that flight MH 370 went missing, my sister May was airborne on the way to India.  Both the flights departed from KLIA on the same morning.   While we were all shocked and saddened by the news,  we were also very thankful that my sister was safe and sound.

So after her trip with her team of doctors and nurses to do charity heart surgery in India she enrouted back to KL  for a very short holiday as well to attend a medical seminar.

After a short rest for her, we took her lunch at Mediteca Wine Tapas.

Left: Porchetta and mushroom bruschetta- creamy mushroom on crispy baguette  
Right: Salami with cheese- a bit salty 
served with soft bread  and chewy bread stick with balsamic vinegar/olive oil.  

Fried fish fillets -crispy and not oily at all- delicious

served with the red pepper sauce. 

Scrambled eggs with bacon 

Polenta (front)- rather bland and but the Spanish tortilla (potato omelette) was well done.

After eating these tapas, we were getting full when the Seafood paella was served.

Looks great but unfortunately it was not piping hot!

Of course, we still prefer the one that we tasted in the authentic Spanish restaurant in Melbourne

Finally the Roasted pork shanks served with creamy potatoes- which we have to takeaway. 

So was the dessert - Spanish doughnuts 

The staff were very friendly.  They also served buffet lunch on Saturdays. 
Have a wonderful weekend.