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It was a nice balmy day (right till late afternoon before it started to pour!), just the right time to go for a dip at the Hot Springs in Sungkai. There were only around 30 of us in the group today and it was a smooth ride all the way. Entrance fees has gone up and to make it worth your money there is now a shuttle train to take you right into the hot spring area. There are ice-cream/drinks stalls around the area besides the caferia.     

The open swimming pool - its just mountain spring water here, but who needs hot water when the sun is shinning! 

Practising with the camera that my son gave me - 

Now you are not allowed to bring in eggs but instead you can purchase from the stall here- costs around more than 50cents each. We were told  that previously  those who brought in the eggs, could throw the shells around  and even into the pools after boiling and eating them, thus it was too messy and dirty around the area.   Still you are discouraged to bring in your own food, which is  good as far as cleanliness can be control and bad because the inflated prices in the caferia.  

Stag-horn ferns-  lots of greenery now.

the "love-birds" again.... the hot water at the pool here is around 35C to 40C.  There are another 3 pools with temperature from 30C and the hottest being above 45C!.  

This pool is not for dipping - too hot 

A reflexology path surrounds the pool.... you are advised to dip not more than 10 minutes at a time, after which you can walk this path to relax. 
This time we did not booked any private chalet as firstly they were not open yet and secondly the price has gone up to RM120 for 2 hours!  Anyway we were here to enjoy for only an hour before departing for our lunch at Kampar. 

Lunch at Kam Leng Restaurant at Kampar which is famous for its Baked Bread with Curry Chicken (mein pau kai).   Our main purpose for this trip, besides the hot springs, is to savour the Buddha Jump Over the Wall. So this was just a "simply lunch" as the tour guide told us... but as you can see from the photos, it is nothing simple but very tasty as well.  

Steamed Kampung Chicken with ham - tender and tasty morsels.

Deep Fried Fish braised Sing Kong style- very crispy fish and equally tasty, slightly  tangy gravy from the salted vegetables. 

Braised Pork Belly with Yam - both belly fat and yam so soft that it  melts in the mouth!
There was also Braised Mushroom with Chicken feet; Taufoo Thai Style and I was too busy eating to take photos.. hahaha!
After this delicious lunch, we were taken to buy the  Kampar "chicken biscuits"  and other foodstuffs. The tour guide also took our orders for the Salted Chicken and Duck as well. I have yet to try the boneless salted duck but those who have tasted it before recommended it heartily.  
From Kampar, its a detour back to KL vide Bercham. 

 Tea-time and its freshly made and steaming hot paus and more paus

These staff making fresh paus on the spot! 

Have you seen so many steamers at a time... the "mai lai goh" in front is soft and tasty.  

Bought some of their famous Pumpkin paus- its more a rolled mantou with pumpkin puree filling rather then pau, but its soft even the next day.  

Back onto the bus for our next destination.....

continuing part 2..

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  1. did you go and masak telur in the pool? saw friend who went say can make hard boiled eggs there. But very expensive. One egg like rm1...