Sunday, April 6, 2014



After her trip to India and assisting in some complex cases of heart surgeries, I felt it must be both exhausting and strenuous for my sister  May. To help her overcome burnout and fatigue by the  time she came back to KL,  we went for a Yoga class on this rainy Sunday morning.   

The studio was uphill amidst a quiet and serene surroundings.   Large glass windows bring the outside into the studio- creating the prefect ambience for the class.  The center offers small intimate class of around 6-10 persons per class so that personall attention can be given to each individual.

 Ice-breaker sessions - looking at the group that came, both of us felt that we could be their grandmothers but don't doubt our agility which is better than some  of them...ahem.! D:

The workshop was organised by the CultureRun  - "learn something new at weekend".   The teacher was a young lady and a dedicated teacher and lead us through a yoga sequence to counter hyperactive anxiety.  After a few bends and twists,  we felt very "released"  from our aching muscles and back pain. This was followed by some restorative poses to "catch our breathe back" as well as to calm our bodies and mind.  

At the end of the class, we were served with a delicious and nutritious smoothie - pure and natural fruit/vegetable  juices. 

However, I felt we needed a more substantive breakfast after the workout.      

She wanted something light.... so it's crepes for brunch. 

pretty folds..... the crepes 

Enjoying the latte art before consuming it....

Thin savoury wholewheat (or is it buckwheat)  crepe served with chicken and cheese and side salad

This is savoury wholewheat crepe with chicken and tomato coulis and salad

My sister decided to go vegetarian and ordered this sweet crepe with caramelised apples.

This is indeed a "light"  meal.

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  1. LOL...light meal I like....

    I dont think i can do all bone stiffed liao :p