Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Have you been waiting for part 2? Sorry to keep everyone in suspense... have been busy and my computer again is giving me problems.

After buying the paus, we got back to the bus and were soon on our way to Ipoh.
The next stop was to a temple in the cave. It is one of the lesser known cave temple around Ipoh.
The guide told us its a temple with crystal cave.   There is no entrance fees for the temple grounds but to view the crystal caves, we have to paid RM4.00 each, but this goes towards the maintenance for the place as well.

I did (managed to climb up) and did not do it(the graffiti behind that is)!

This is a limestone cave and the formation of the stalagmites and stalactites created some astonishing and amazing art of nature.... as you can see. 

Of course the eyes were painted on.. but imagination my friend.  And imagination is much needed (about 7%  out of 10%) as we view the numerous formation throughout the cave with the help of the temple keeper who pointed out and quoting the names of each to us.    

Like this- just to quiz you (sorry no prize for guessing right)?

There are actually many interesting structures but I am unable to upload the photos. So maybe you should personally take a trip to enjoy  them.    

As we left the temple, it started to rain heavily and we were caught in a traffic jam all the way to Tanjong Malim.
Finally we arrived at the restaurant at almost 7.30pm instead of 6.30pm, feeling hungry and cold!

Thank goodness for this - the star of our trip!

Heart-warming and utterly delicious - Buddha Jump Over the Wall Soup... 
socalled because the monk cannot resist the tantalizing aromas while the pot of soup was cooking next door that he jump over the wall to taste the soup- accordingly to myth!  It is indeed a very aromatic, enriching and revitalising soup- with the mini abalone, scallops. fish maw, conch, mushrooms etc etc.   

Big succulent fresh prawns - baked with salt and pepper

Another rich and flavourful Seafood Hotpot. (sorry for the blurred photo)
There is also a steamed fish and steamed chicken- all of which we could not finished and have to takeaway.

I loved this Fried Rice with Yam - as you can see it was a big serving and again have to takeaway.
Finally after dessert of sea-coconut and longan and red dates drink, we were truly satiated and ready to go home.   A word of thanks to the guide and the bus driver who delivered us safely home. 


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    1. Good morning Sharon...
      Yes, food is the main attraction for these day trips!

  2. I wanted to go this place long time already but some how kept delayed. LOL. hope one day will go la

  3. Hi, could you please tell me the name of the tour company for this trip? Thank you.