Sunday, April 13, 2014



Time flies and how true and have been busy that I seems to be posting backdated events.:D!

We were out "lepak-ing" on this wonderful Saturday- eating and shopping. 

Japanese bento at Jaya one. 
The portion was rather small - 1 piece of fresh oyster,  2 pieces of sushi, that much of edamame above and a mini cupcake were offered. 

a piece of fresh oyster in tangy sauce- yummy

Salmon terikayi bento - nothing to shout about

Sashimi  bento - only 5 slices of salmon-pretty miserable servings.

Well, this place will be my first and last visit as I am definitely  not satisfied.

After that we went shopping .... I wanted to look around for a piece of good luggage and walking shoes for my coming holiday. However did not get one yet.

Time to rest our legs and to recharge... went over to the 180C Mall Cheras. This seems to be nice entertainment area... there is a beer garden, karaoke, Shabu-shabu  and cafes.

Our choice - Pacific Coffee... nice big space and friendly service and good coffee.

Red Velvet cake - moist (felt wet) but fresh. 

New York Cheesecake- this was creamy and cheesy- delicious

I loved the latte and this will definitely be my future choice. 
So how was your weekend?


  1. for a moment there i thought it was Baci. Looks a bit like Baci but then again there dont have japanese food