Monday, March 31, 2014



Hi  folks... I know I have been missing in action.... thanks to new project at the work I am finally busy from morning till time to get home....hahahah.

Finally I  was glad to do  some baking last weekend.... just in time for the Ching Ming rituals the previous Sunday.  I decided to bake some Marbled Butter cakes as my contribution towards the foods offered.

I recall that when we were small, my mother could buy this cake for us every Chinese New Year.  Back then I think it was made with Planta margarine then but it tasted glorious to us.   Later when  she scrimped enough money and finally bought us a Butterfly brand round tabletop oven, we learnt to bake this cake ourselves for the Chinese New Year. This cake has been our family favourite.

I used 2 different recipes:

As you can see from the photo... the top cake used cocoa powder mixed with boiling water to a paste before added to the cake.. very intense colour and flavour!  I used melted dark chocolate (70%) which was added to the cake batter for the bottom cakes..... equally delicious.  Totally satisfied with both the recipes.

Once I started baking,  I wanted to bake more.. 

 how about bananas with salted caramel sauce

Using the butter cake recipe...the bananas and the caramel sauce were sandwiched between the cake batter and baked

wonderful, tantalising aroma and soft moist buttery cake....yummilicious!

Bright sunny day for Ching Ming.... our ancestors must be smiling! 


  1. Looks nice. Glad you are back in action. But terbalik am down pulak.... LOL

  2. Wish one of the day, have chance to taste your homebaked, hehe...

  3. Good morning ladies...
    Take care small kucing..
    Sharon... hope so we meet up one day.
    Have a nice day

  4. Good morning Ms Sonia
    Thanks.... but they were really tasty... thanks to those who share their recipes... can't remember where it came from though..

  5. Hi Elaine, how you doing? Your cake look really nice. The banana with caramel look very delightful.

    Have a nice week ahead,regards.

  6. Hi Amelia,
    Thanks... it was indeed yummy.
    Have a great weekend