Monday, April 14, 2014


Saw some posts featuring the 3 flavours focaccia - adapted from Jamie Oliver.
This is my version.

Bacon - just lightly pan fry as I don't want it to be crispy as it might dry out with more baking later
Slowly caramelised onions with some butter and olive oil till golden.

and Cheese... Wasabi cheese which my son gave me on his last trip back in December!

The bread  dough was easy to work with.  In fact, I mixed the dough on Saturday nite and  left it in the fridge to slow rise.  The next morning I took it out to bring it back to room temperature while I walked my doggies.
After knocking it down and then proof for 2nd  time before assemblying the fillings just before baking.    

Drizzle with some olive oil and the bacon goes on first- making sure that each piece will get some bacon. 

Next  the caramelised onions - again try to spread evenly 

and then the cheese-- keep grating them straight on top.. you think this is a lot? Not really because all melted when baking. I did another lot and grated even more which is really delicious! 

Bake at 190C for around 20 minutes.... lovely and golden

cross section- to show you the texture... wonderfully soft, even on the 2nd day. 

Recipe from Piece of Cake. Thanks for sharing. 

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  1. looks good leh. Should be taste good. Recipe easy to follow