Sunday, November 10, 2013


My greatest challenge - was to "conquer this mountain"- around 273m above sea level! I was not at all confident that I could made this climb firstly because of my knees and also my stamina.  However  both my sisters are ardent hikers and hence the main purpose of this trip as we have heard so many great reviews and seen the beautiful photos too.  

After a fairly good night rest, we were up and ready  by 5 a.m. and we drove down to the town centre.

It was around 5 .30 am. as we made our ascent and looking at this photo, I notice that those white spots could be what is called the energy balls in the early morning. There is a stairway with handrails leading up, though in certain places you literally heave yourself up rocks.

We had to stop and rest and to catch our breath now and then.     

the twinkling lights of the village below 

The climb could take around 45-60 minutes depending on your stamina.   Both of my sisters were way ahead of us and by the time we reached the plateau, they were nowhere to be seen.   

This is the view which greeted us at the top...

looking celestial ...

enthralling as the clouds drift and shift around

Finally -the tinge of pink peeking from the horizon 

mystical... see the meandering river below

That's all folks, the sun is not coming out further.

I did it!

Sorry this view was blocked by me... some said that rock in the background is the Gua Charas-
where the statue of the reclining Buddha is located.

When we came down and looked up,  I was amazed that I have actually climbed all that way.

Down to earth... that the Bukit Panorama in the background.

There is another attraction in Sungai Lembing ... the Rainbow Waterfall.   We did not book  the vehicle to the waterfall as we were not sure of the timing.    So if you want to do both the hike and the waterfall on the same day, you have to come down quickly and book the 4-wheel drive to standby as the rainbow over the waterfall can only be seen at the certain time when the sun rises. Must also bring along  extra clothings as you have to cross the river on foot!  

Time to replenish ourselves  to the only food court

Lembing Taufoo...hmm..... soft ...

Rice rolls (Chee Cheong fun) with eggs! Delicious... love this . 

the Yong Tau foo-

Lembing mee- we did not get to visit the noddle makers.
Brillant sales tactics - buy a chopping to cut up the jackfruit! 

one of the many hanging bridges - there is a new bridge new on the right. 

Sungai Lembing - a shallow peaceful river

It  can turn monster during the monsoon... flooding the whole village almost every year.   Due to the annual flooding, there is no petrol station in the town, so do fill up before you enter here otherwise you will be like us - leaving the town with only less than half the tank!.
So we have no choice but to forego our intention to drop by the Gua Charas to see the statue of the reclining Buddha and instead went straight to Kuantan to refill.

We managed to do some shopping for the dried seafood especially this "mui heong" salted fish. Cheap buys and good service from the boss... he was not at all hurried and ruffled with the sudden crowd and happily serving everyone.

We dropped again in Karak to this we promised.  We had our tea break here on our way to Sg. Lembing.   We saw the special dish that the next table was having and promised ourselves that we will definitely come back for lunch here. 

You don't really have to go all the way to Karak ... they have a branch in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail too.

Golden crowns of coconut bread.... smelled good and taste good.
The speciality - Kaya Swiss Rolls  

Typical Cantonese zhong (dumplings)  -  soft rice with plenty of fillings..yum

We did not try this but was informed that it was delicious..

the home brand of soya sauce for all their dishes.
Stir fry kailan .... crunchy and aromatic with chinese wine.

the chef's recommendation - Spring rolls- crispy fried pig's caul enclosing moist juicy meat, dried oysters and vegetables .... 

a bit salty but otherwise.... thumbs up!

Stir fry choy sum (spinach)- tender and sweet
This is what we came for.... Sang Har Mee... drooling again!.

Big fresh succulent  prawns and the wanton mee (sang mee) was lightly fried which soaked up all the beautiful creamy sauce. As the owner said... "must be willing to use fresh ingredients and the end result is good food."

What a satisfying ending for the trip! 


  1. Good morning Sharon... thanks
    Its a very layback sort of place...good for relaxing.

  2. hey Elaine!! My neighbour who is a tour guide always encourage me to go Sg Lembing... but each time, I hesitated! But after seeing all your nice pictures, I think I will make a trip to this place one day... yummy food is luring me there... hahahaha....

  3. Good morning Reana,
    Thanks for dropping by... yes it was a wonderful trip... I am sure you can do it!
    For more beautiful photos, you can visit Nasi Lemak Lover's blog too!

  4. Have passby this place but never actually explored. Maybe one of these days will go exploring

  5. Hi Small kucing
    This good place to enjoy the outdoors and food!

  6. hi there. the egg chee cheong fun looks good! would love to try it when for my upcoming lembing trip. can you tell me where the stall is located exactly?