Wednesday, November 13, 2013



We have often hear this "life is short,  so love the people around you more"!

This is true, I just visited my cousin brother last week and yesterday was his funeral! I am sad by his sudden demise but also glad that we have the last chance to see him.  In fact we were told that he fell down on the same day after we left his house.  But what a testimony at the wake- the large crowd were  mainly his church members and they gave us a glimpse into his personal life.  I was told that he would hike up the hill around his house and then sing praises/hymns every morning.  He was a Chinese school teacher and after his retirement he had been coaching mental arithmetics and basketball to the students- sometimes for free and out of his own pockets! He was one of the likeable cousin and may he rest in peace.     

"Dim sum"- to touching the heart.  So having dim sum together would be a great way to show our love to people around us.  Took my sister to the New Shanghai Cafe at Pavilion for dim sum.   

Esther toasting Aunty May with good health!

Pan Fried Chive Dumplings 

"thanks for dumplings, but this porridge looks good.." 

From left: steamed piggy bun, Layered cake and chee cheong fun.

From top: vegetables dumpling, Siew mai and 
Steamed Glutinous Rice in Lotus leaf

The servings are large and pretty tasty. There is a wide selection of chinese teas available.  However, the cafe is at the corner lot of the food court and hence were rather noisy, not quite the right environment to relax and have a quiet chitchat.


  1. So sad about it, how old is your cousin brother?

  2. nice food leh. Me like dim sum. But cant eat much as it's very filling

  3. Thanks dropping by..
    Sharon: He is old around 75 years. RIP
    Small kucing: nice dim sum but as you say it is very filling.
    Enjoy your weekend