Wednesday, November 6, 2013


The countdown began again today as it was a public holiday.

Items off the list- the red hanging for the doorway and paper cupcakes for the tea ceremony- saves the hassle of washing the teacups and more hygienic! 

I am very thankful that  my sisters and sister in law, Evon had agreed to drive and accompany me to deliver the invitation cards to our relatives. My sister called it our "one day trip around town". The relatives are our cousins - all of us belonging to the same age generation  and yet sad to say that we seldom meet up with each other except during wedding dinners and funerals.  Even then it is just brief  hello and  "ni hou mah?" 

So I am really glad of this opportunity to be able to visit them personally at their homes- (some have beautiful well kept homes in contrast to some in careless squalor),  to see how they live and work (some taking time to travel around the world while some have to "work" ie looking after grandkids!) and really know their family better ie how many children and grandchildren they have!  We also take this opportunity to visit one or 2 who were not feeling well!. 

Ready to go- the "red bomb" - all carefully addressed as my late father was very particular about the proper way to addres our elders.   We have a  list of our relatives names which was created from the very first wedding hosted by my brother todate and its definitely a great help now  to all of us as we just need to follow the list, though of course over times, some of them have already passed on.
My sister J who is the driver mapped out our day trip. We went to Subang to pick up my eldest sister and then our first stop to Puchong for breakfast!

Scrumptious tender braised pork belly with black fungus...and omg see thoses pieces of lard?  We all agreed that for a good dish of wanton mee, it needs to be mix with the lard and this did not disappoint us!  My sister and me normally could not order wanton mee while eating out, but this wanton mee was really  delicious 

Besides the braised pork belly, you can  also opt to have it as deep-fried.  These are crunchy on the outside while retaining its juicy and tender meat inside. These are deep fried early every moning and hence the freshness.

What is wanton mee without wantons?  We loved these crispy morsels-the mixture of prawns and meat is well balanced

Where can you find this gorgeous wanton mee? It is one of the many kopitiams behind Tesco (Puchong)-  Restoran Kum Sing around the Top Ten lightning shop.
I notice that a Happy man always cook delicious food.
And the prices and serving are very reasonable too.

What  is a day trip without any shopping? We took a breather and went shopping at this place.

All sorts of organic rice, 18 multi grains, 8 multi grains etc.

Imported white rice  and glutinous rice - wonderful aromatic pulut susu from Thailand too!

The boss here recommended this "sha tin rice" for making congee- can't wait to try it.
They also have a special "dog rice" -yes for the doggies- something like multigrains rice. 

 It's teatime  - "remember to eat" (in chinese)- tong sui.

 They also serve cold ice desserts- which we did not try.

All our childhood favourites- but defnitely does not taste the same
from left :barley with fuchok and gingko; Bubur cha-cha (which has no yam and not with santan); water chestnut with corn and peanut tong sui.  

We ordered some tidbits - fried stuffed crab shells with pork 

steamed radish cake - this was soft and pleasing with julienned pieces of white radish.
Fried Scallion (spring onions) pancake.

After teatime it  started to rain as we made our way to the old town of  Petaling Jaya to visit more relatives.
The final card was given out and we decided to have an early dinner since we did not take our lunch before returning my eldest sister back home.   

Ikuzo Ramen at IOI Boulevard,  Puchong

Tori Katsu Don - Fried Chicken Rice Bowl

Ramen with Cha Shu - disappointed that it is not the rich and creamy tonkotsu soup

Kimuchi Ramen - 

Buta Kakuni Ramen - a fat piece of braised pork which was rather bland too but the white radish was soft and sweet.  

The staff suggested a add-on of RM3.00 for this side dishes, drink and dessert (fruits)
Side dish consist: kimchi, fried gyoza (pot stickers) and turnip sticks in their wafu dressing.

Final stop - Snowflakes which is just next door for desserts before we proceeded home. 

Did I enjoy this day?- a Big YES.  

I treasured the time together with my sisters and Evon and  realised that both  my sisters have great PR personalities!  Most of our relatives are more familiar with my eldest sister, who proudly announced on arrival on  my behalf that "Ah Kuen's son is getting married".....hahahah.  While most of them also questioned my sister J when she is going to become a grandma... because they remember her son's wedding... hahaha.   

I loved sharing food with them (always love eating with people who also enjoy their food!) and I enjoyed getting to know more about my relatives.

And I am looking forward to see all you folks at the wedding dinner. 


  1. Same here, i only get to see my relatives, cousins, during occasions,like CNY, wedding, etc...

  2. Good afternoon Sharon,
    True...but at least now I know them a bit better. hahaha
    Have a nice weekend