Sunday, November 3, 2013



I considered myself lucky to be able to participate in the charity fun fair organised by the Da Ci Jiang Tang at the Indoor Badminton Court at the Bandar Puteri Puchong on 20/10/213. This funfair was to raise funds for the children's home, medical supplies etc. 
When the meet up group suggested this voluntary service, I decided to sell my cupcakes. 

I enlisted the help of my nieces to design a signboard for the stall.   They have won numerous art contests and they came up with this eye-catching signboard!

Again my re-cycled cupcake stand made its appearance felt during the fair!

My niece Qi is going to be my assistant for the day.   Here she is putting the finishing touches to the cupcakes.  We baked  around 40 Chocolate Chips Cupcakes, 30 Hokkaido cupcakes and 30 pieces of doughnut muffin with blueberry jam filling. 

By the time we arrived the place was a hive of activities, stalls have already  been set up and it was "roaring" (read "loud")  business already especially the stall selling fresh vegetables! 

We managed to find the stall located for us and quickly set up our little shoppe! Our neighbours on the left was a vegetarian stall selling Steamed Glutinous Rice and Yam Cake and on the right a couple were selling home brewed Longan Tea and Red Dates Tea.    

My sister who just arrived from Melbourne the previous night,  also came along and lent a hand at the fair. Business ready to began now. 
The crowds grew bigger as time passed and by noon, all the cupcakes were sold and it was another  hour before closing time.  

It was really hot and sweaty under the canopy yet she still managed to be happy and made a pretty good sales girl too!
The other set-up from meetup group was this mini Cotton Candy machine..... poor fellows.. they were truly sweating for charity but that's the only place where we can connect to the electricity!
Qi helping to promote the Cotton Candy !

It was a tiring and hot day for us but we were all glad of this opportunity to do good and volunteer.   

I also wish to thank the generous crowd who bought my cupcakes as well as my assistants for the day, Qi and May.. God bless you all. 


  1. Hi Elaine, the sign board and cupcake stand look very beautiful. You ladies sure very creative too. Keep up the good job, can see all of you are having a good time at the charity.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Good morning Amelia,
    Thanks.... it was a fun and happy day!