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I first come to know about Sg Lembing from the post by The NasiLemak Lover. I was pretty impressed by the beautiful scenery in her post.   Upon further enquiry from my sister J,  she told me that she had a relative staying there. So when my sister M came home for a short holiday, we decided to make our escapade to Sg. Lembing.

The yogi never miss an opportunity to practise... good props for doing yoga pose!

After around 2 hours of driving, we finally arrived at Sg. Lembing..

 The kongsi - Hakka Association and Hainan Association next to each other.
 Sleepy, quiet town.... it was a weekday but come weekend it is a different story as our relative told us.

This is the main street - many of these old wooden houses are closed as residents have moved out of  Sg Lembing during the bad economy. 

 The iconic hundred years old tree in the town centre..the row of tress in the centre separating both sides of the road- no need traffic lights here.
Wonder if this house is occupied.... most of the houses seems vacant..

We found the only shop which was opened for lunch nearby the market. On its wall, was a certification that Axian (YC programme) had visited their shop, so hoefully the  food should be good and clean here. 

 Sg. Lembing is famous for their soft white taufoo- probably due to the water supply here, I was told.  However the taufoo was doused with too much black sauce, so could not get the full flavour of the taufoo but the texture is very soft.

We were recommend this clear soothing wintermelon soup... tasty and come to think of it, I seldom use wintermelon in chicken soup, so far mostly used it for the barley tong sui.

We all loved this--even May who took only the soft powdery yam while we clamoured for the gelatinous braised pork belly.
This poached chicken is also very tender and juicy. 
We also ordered 2 stir-fried vegetables and the total bill was around RM70 if I can remember.  The cost of living is definitely cheap here.

It is time to walk off the heavy lunch.   The museum was located on top of a hill and it was a rather steep walk up.
The building was formerly the residence of the Manager of the tin-mine.

Sg. Lembing was once a prosperous tin-mining town.

Lembing is the Malay word for a spear that was used for hunting.
Local legend said that the spear was later found in the river (sungai) thus the name Sungai Lembing

Model to showing the depth of the tin mine 

This was where and how the staff worked- manual typewriters and telefax machines  

The formation of various ores, crystals, granites etc.  

We enjoyed the museum - it was very informative and clean and the staff well mannered. 
From the museum its a short drive to the underground tunnels of the tin mine

All on board.... we are going tin-mining now.

This carrier took us into just the first part of the tunnel 

From then on, it was on foot into the dark (certain parts), wet (because of  the water dripping from above) and errily quiet underground tunnels. 

one of the caverns at the end of tunnel- most of the workers have to go topless due to the heat (deep into the ground) and heavy work  

As we wandered down the tunnel we can see many low lying tunnels by the side. 

These are actually dis-used tin mines... 

Can you imagine working down in this mine? 

After exploring, we finally made our way out from this side opening- back to the light!. 

This hand pump wagon was used to carry out the tin ores.

We meet up with my sister's relative and she took us to our resort to check in. 
The lady boss of  Sg. Lembing Riverview Resort.. ...
Lime tree - not for plucking though. 

She told us that her family used to stay in this house.  But now the children have gone away to work, so now this house is for rental for families to resort. 

Lotus pond at end of the resort.

Glorious Morning  glory... have not seen this species around KL though.
The resort is spacious and these are chalets with 4 bedrooms each- well maintained, clean and basic amendities with air-con and hot showers. Fresh air and quiet surroundings (oh... btw we have to pass a chinese cemetery on the way in) and it was like we have the whole place to ourselves for the night.

My sister's relative... can remember her as a sweet young thing!

Now a successful business woman together with her husband producing this special Lembing Biscuits. 
This crusty biscuit is delicious with a cup of coffee... so remember to buy a few packets home and its cheap.

Coming next .... the greatest challenge....


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