Monday, November 18, 2013



When a cafe/restaurant has been operating for a long time in the same neighbourhood, it surely is a testimony that there must be something good about the place. 

It could be that the food is fresh and tasty and not too much MSG being use maybe! You know,  that thirsty feeling you get after having meals outside at certain places.   There are certain "bestseller" dishes that could be everybody's favourite  as they are still on the menu. 

It could also mean that the service is good and efficient.  The customers instantly feel that they have come "home for meals" when they stepped inside. The staff are welcoming,  whether you just want a light meal or there is a group of you for family meals.  They also give recommendations and suggestions appropriately  and not just pushing the expensive items at you. 

Most important it could be that the prices are reasonable.  In these times of rising costs they are able to offer decent value meals, that a definitely a winner.

The above are my personal criteria for having a meal at any restaurant. I am talking about the GAIA Bistro in my neighbourhood.

The cafe has undergone renovations and the interior is conducive for that weekend casual family dinner.

The bestseller items - Fried Tung Fun - Thai style... mildly  spicy and very appetising.
Homemade beancurd with pumpking puree-

So, it is another item off the list for Jeremy wedding when I made the booking for  lunch.   I have decided not to cater for a buffet lunch on the wedding day but instead to have a proper lunch at this cafe.  At least there would be wastage of food as there is always leftovers from buffet.  It would save the problem of cleaning up thereafter.  Besides it will be more relaxing for everyone to dine in the comfort with air-conditioning and table service as well. 



  1. Where is that? Any address? Would love to visit if I ever go to that area

  2. Good morning,
    Gaia Bistro in Taman Cheras Permata, Cheras, Selangor