Sunday, November 24, 2013


It is so frustrating not to able to share my photos.  Yes I am unable to upload my photos again.... 
Anyway, take a deep breath and share these few with you from handphone. 

As I know it is always busy on the weekends for Esther, as most of owners could bring their doggies for their grooming. I  try to make sure that she eats a full meal before she start work.    

Cook some plain porridge - using the "Shatin" rice which I bought from the rice shop in Kepong.  This rice is easy to cook and takes less than 20 minutes to "bloom" into this velvety "mooi" I think that's how the Teochew call it- porridge.   I like to use the claypot to cook porridge.   Just bring the rice + water  to a boil, lower heat and let is simmer for just 5 minutes and then switch off the heat.  The residual heat from the claypot will cook the rice further.     

I also cooked this Omelette with whitebait.
Rinsed and soak whitebait for a few minutes.
Drain and put into a wok (without oil) to pan fry till dry 
Add oil and minced garlic and fry till fragrant.
Add diced spring onions 
Pour beaten eggs into wok and mix together.
Cook till set and flip over to cook the other side.
I did not add any salt as the whitebait is already salty.

This dish of "lup lup" is a potpourri of fried diced long beans, yellow bean curd, preserved radish, dried prawns and char siew (roasted lean pork).   You can also add diced mushroom and chinese sausage.
I first fry the dried prawns (soaked and drain well) till fragrant. 
Push to one side of wok,   add the yellow bean curd and again fry till fragrant - these have a slight 5-spice flavour. 
Push to side of wok and add the preserved radish or you can actually dish up each items if prefer.
Next the char siew - keeping the heat on medium high all the time.
Finally adding more oil (if necessary) add minced garlic and then the long beans.
Mix everything together and add about 1 tablespoon of taucheong (minced bean paste)
Splash some water around the pan and fry till it has been absorbed, adding more water if ncessary.
Dish up and serve with porridge or rice.. or like me, eat it by spoonfuls!
If you prefer spicy you can add hot beanpaste or some sliced chilies too!


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