Wednesday, September 4, 2013



We decided to leave ULC after the games with the children.  Sarah drove  me to the Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie as we were in the vicinity of Bukit Bintang area. I am so dependent on her driving me around everywhere. Thanks dearie.  

This cafe is located in one of the many bungalows along Jalan Delima.  Parking spaces are rather limited
within the grounds and if you have to  park by the roadside, you risk getting traffic summons. 

The stone oven where breads and pastries are baked all day using natural yeast and which imparts a unique flavour and texutre to the breads and pastries as stated in their website.

 As we stepped inside and were greeted by the whiff of the baking of breads and coffee.  The foyer was really packed and there was a long queue at this counter and it was noisy too.  Every tables seems to be occupied. However there are more seatings upstairs .

We finally managed to find a table at the back of the cafe next to the patio outside. You have to make your own orders at the counter and food will be delivered to you table.  So grab a table first and remember your table number before you order.

The latte looked a shade too pale and true enough it was too milky for my taste and it has overwhelmed the aroma and coffee taste. 

Tomyam Spaghetti- with its spicy tomyam sauce with pieces of sweet pineapples and seafoods.

Seafood Spaghetti aglio olio -  not too heavy with the oil and I loved the crispy slices of garlic and the fresh seafood.

The patio - according to Sarah,  is a quiet spot on weekdays to relax and enjoy the coffee. However on this Sunday lunchtime, it was just too crowded and noisy to appreciate the atmosphere.

There are showcases featuring different types of coffee grinders and mills.

I could not see the stone oven from this point. However these pastries and cakes literally flies off the shelves even though I thought they are a bit overpriced.   We did not get to taste any breads and pastries as we were both full after the meal. Maybe another time.

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