Tuesday, September 3, 2013



It was a "girls'" night out.  It was always good to have dinner with both the girls.   Due to Esther's work schedule, she would normally have dinner by herself  while sarah and myself took ours much earlier.
She gets her off day on a weekday  and normally we do not take dinner together as this is the only day that she get to do her own things. So to have dinner together is a truly a good night out.

Both of them had been shopping around Bukit Bintang area.  I meet them after work and we went for dimsum at the Luk Yu Tea House.

The teahouse was practically empty as it was still early for dinner.   There are more seating at the back outside this lot. It was tucked in a corner of the Feast Village at Starhill.

The open kitchen inside the teahouse. 

This dimsum set for  2 persons include: Fried Rice with prawns and diced beans.  Perfectly fried with each grain of rice separately.  Yam Puff and Deep fried salted meat dumplings (aka ham sui kok) - really "ham" (salty). Prawns with salted egg yolk- fresh succulent prawns enveloped in crispy batter and tossed with the salted egg yolk sauce- yummy. 

Steamed dimsum - siew mai and chiu chow style steamed crystal dumplings- again this was rather too salty for us.
Thankfully we have this pot of 8-treasures tea which helps to refresh our palate.  The longer the "treasures" were seeped, the tea became sweeter.    

Dessert time: cold Sago with mango puree. 

Waiting area outside the teahouse.
Overall my opinion is there are better dimsums around town but this could be a nice quiet corner to unwind and chit chat with friends.


  1. Hi Elaine, nice and comfortable place for hangout. The dim sum look good. Your girls look very lovely and pretty.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Good morning Amelia
    Thanks for the compliment.

  3. Good morning Amelia
    Thanks for the compliment.