Monday, September 2, 2013



As the song goes, bless all the little children of the world. Children are so naive and adorable. Children are our future generation.  Some children are so lucky to have good homes, family, freedom and most important hope for their own future. 

Last weekend, Sarah and myself joined another Meetup group under the KL Voluntary Star for a potluck lunch at the United Learning Centre.  This centre is started by  Pastor Jonathan  and his wife, both Myanmar refugees. He and his wife started giving English, Mathematics and Science lessons from their flat in Jalan Imbi. Now they have more than 100 Myanmar children at the United Learning Centre in a rented bungalow nearby. (The Star 24/12/2012).    

I baked these Hokkaido cupcakes for the potluck lunch.
I am sure all little children like these Angry Birds cupcake liners.

Whisk egg white, sugar till stiff peak.

Also whisk egg yolks and sugar separately till thick and pale.

Fold the egg white into the egg yolk mixture
Mix well gently- otherwise the batter will deflate!

Spoon batter into cupcakes liners- using the ice cream scoop makes life easier and less messy and you get equal amount of batter into each one.

Bake for 20 minutes till golden brown.  Cool before piping the custard (whipping cream, sugar and custard powder) into each cupcake.  Dust with icing sugar and voila! Hope the children like them.   

Even though the bungalow look  a bit run down, these beautifully  painted murals do brighten the place. The children were having their Sunday class when we arrived.
Some of the older teens were hanging around. The centre is surrounded by flats nearby/around and mostly inhabited by Myanmar.

Garden and vegetable plot in front-
Inside the centre, there is a computer room.
This is the sanctuary of worship- so basic yet it did not dim the enthusiasm that the children have for the Lord. You should hear the children singing their hearts out so joyously!  

See the love that goes into these  cute little sausages! 

Finally sunday school was over and its time for lunch. The children filed into the kitchen to get a tray filled with rice each.  The volunteers giving out the food for them.

They are so orderly and disciplined - get the food and quickly find the place to sit, say their thanks and started eating right away. Children throwing tantrums when it comes to eating?? Definitely unheard of here, I think. What they don't like eating, they give it to the neighbour next seat- one of girls ended with so many pieces of sandwiches on her plate! hahaha.  

After the meal, they would leave the trays together and the older teens then washed up. 

Time for some fun!

his own version of gun- shooting with rubber bands!

They love to take photos and looking at them- going Oh-oh and ah-ah when they see themselves!

After waiting so patiently for Sarah, they each got their reward!

These 2 volunteers from Tunisia teaching us some fun games.

Musical Chairs- the perennial favourite party game! Its truly a joy to see their laughter and happiness!

Pastor Jonathan told us that the children cannot attend to the public school as they are refugees status.  The centre need volunteers to teach these children. So if you have the time,  what are you waiting for? 
Thank you Pastor for the work you are doing for these little children and thank you Gladys for arranging this wonderful time together.


  1. Hi Elaine, thanks for sharing the pictures. So nice of you to baked some lovely cakes for them. keep up the good job.

    Best regards.

  2. Good morning Amelia,
    Could you like to join us the next time? They really need all the support.
    Have a good day ..... even though it is raining now :D

  3. Good morning Amelia,
    Could you like to join us the next time? They really need all the support.
    Have a good day ..... even though it is raining now :D