Sunday, September 1, 2013



What a weekend ! 
While the doogies were hiding themselves from the thunder and heavy rain, many parts of Selangor were  experiencing dry taps.  

There was a big rush for bottled water and my brother was one of the culprit.  Well he really cannot help it, especially with a new baby in the house and also my niece in confinement too. 

For my Merdeka celebration,  the Chan clan welcome the 53rd member - my grand niece.

12 days old Xin Ning. Doesn't she resemble her sister,
Chloe Xin Rou? Che che (big sister) is now 5 years old and attending to kindergarden. 

We were all invited for the 12th day celebration of the newborn on 31/8/2013. As the baby is 12 days old, the tradition is that the birth would be announced to the relatives by the father going around giving away Chicken in Rice Wine and the Pig Trotters in Black Vinegar. Nowadays we all gather at the house to have a feast instead. 
As there was no running water in the house, most of the food were bought from outside. 

Fried Meehoon and Fried Mee with Yong Tau Foo.

This  pot of Chicken in rice wine was cooked with Aunty's help.  It was rich and hot wine - good for the new mother as well as for all of us. :D!
Also loved this Pig Trotters in Black Vinegar - one of my favourite dish. Loved to drink the sweet sour vinegar and not forgetting the collagen from those pig trotters! Very good for ladies especially. Normally hard-boiled eggs are added too. 
See my 2 front teeth! Now I can eat KFC lookalike!.  

My sister-in-law bought us some Jelly Mooncake for desserts- these are homemade ones from her friend. From Top left: Coffee with durian fillings (brown), red bean (pink); mango (yellow) and cendol (green).

My nephew Chee Ken's birthday was on 1/9/2013 and we decided to sing him the birthday song.  My Red Velvet suddenly became an on-the-spot birthday cake.  Will post later on this recipe.
It was a good time together.

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