Monday, September 23, 2013


The month of October is coming and its the "happening" month! There is the Oktoberfest and Halloween and don't forget its the Pink Month- yes breast cancer awareness month. 

There was a Malaysia Healthy Life Expo over the weekend at the Mid-Valley Shopping Mall.   The Breast Cancer Welfare Association has a booth at the expo and I was there to help for half a day.  Principally the booth was to raise the awareness of breast cancer and to teach how to do breast self-examination. Early detection save lives!      

The response from the public especially young adults was encouraging whereas the older generations seems to be lukewarm towards this, maybe they were already well informed. 

There were a lot of  freebies given out by the various booths- recycle bags, free drinks (pure collagen drink), free trial for machine message, free ear candling, free consultation, free eye tests and even free sweets.
I witnessed some same faces many times that day and each time, they would be clutching a new recycle bag! I wonder whether they would read and recycle all those flyers and free brochures as well. 

There are no freebies from our booth- only free teaching as the mobile clinic was not available for free test. But these merchandise are for sale and all the proceeds goes towards the funds to raise the awareness of breast cancer in many rural areas as well especially to Sabah and Sarawak too.

I got a respite from all the standing and talking as I went for my lunch- alone.
Eating alone is a strange feeling- missing the chatter I normally have with Sarah during the mealtime.

The banchan: anchovies, kimchi, cucumber kimchi, black beans, 
preserved mustard and honeydew salad

Bibimbap- vegetables only with the egg- must try to be healthy hahaha. 

I was tired by the time I got home but it has been an rewarding day at least. 
So ladies, I encourage you to do breast self-examination every month.


  1. I think i'm need to improved my veggies daily intake on my menu just by reading this post...

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for dropping by. This bibimbap very tasty indeed.

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for dropping by. This bibimbap very tasty indeed.

  4. I love bibimbap. Looks so good!

    Two of my friends had breast cancer though they are now cancer free. I'm so relieved.

  5. Good morning
    I love bibimbap too and kimchi..