Sunday, September 22, 2013


Another farewell dinner given by Sarah's cousin, Wai Yee.
I am grateful for the advices and tips of studying  that she gave Sarah.  She herself  has obtained  her Masters in Science as well as Business Management while working too- definitely the "brains" in the family.

Spoilt for choices----
Giant tanks filled with all sorts of  fish, crustaceans and geoduck too.

Beijing Roasted Duck 
Slicing off silvers of the crispy skin. 

Wrapping the crispy skins and spring onions in paper thin crepes 
smeared with hoisin sauce


Another use of Japanese snails (besides for facials:D!) 
Stir fry with red peppers and celery- 

Fried Rice using the duck meat with long beans. 

Stir Fry Green veggies - did not catch the name of this green veg.

Their signature dish - Cantonese Fried Noodles -
very tasty and unique textures - 
the mixture of  crunchy/crispy deep fried noodles with the soft noddles.

You can serve the roasted duck in 3 ways - crispy skin with the crepe, moist succulent meat either for stir fry or with fried rice/noddles and its bones or carcass for soup.
However this restaurant only cater for 2 ways - only skin and meat. Maybe I should have asked for carcass to takeaway and make the soup myself :D!
Thank you once again for advices and dinner.



  1. Wow, waht a festive chinese dinner...
    btw, i like to bring the meat home too, since some restaurant charge the stir fry cooking almost half of the roast duck price....heheh
    i guess it's because of lots of cashew, macadamian and almond nuts they add to the stir fry...

  2. Good morning,
    Yes, should have takeaway then can have a good soup with that..