Tuesday, April 11, 2017

HIKING TRIP -# day 2


This is glass noddles with fish balls soup... I can't seem to find stalls selling this nowadays in Kuala Lumpur.  Brought back good memories of an uncle selling this from a bicycle during my childhood and he would made the sound "dong dong" with the bowl and we would know he is coming by. This is best eaten with lots of chillies! 

Noddles with fried wanton and gravy.

The Maxwell Street Food court near to Chinatown. 
This morning we had another "tour guide".  Sarah meetup with her friend and she kindly took us to breakfast at the Maxwell Street Food Court which is near to Chinatown. 

Building with No. 1924 (Singapore)
So different from the 1924 building where we used to live in Kuala Lumpur....just wish that more heritage buildings in Kuala Lumpur will be save from destruction. 

We grab a car and took a short trip down to Orchard Road.... and as it was a Sunday there was already a big crowd hovering near Tangs....it was the maids' off day and they normally gather together around the shopping complex in Orchard Road area. 

Magnolia ice-cream sandwich... 

After checking out of the hotel, we took another walk around Chinatown.

Quirky merchandise.... braised duck parts; neck, butt, head, tongue too etc...

Taiwanese Minced meat pie... only $2.00 each 

Coffee time...relaxing at the Loft Cafe ... 

Affogato with Lemon Meringue Tart..

the gopuram or entrance tower

"The entrance contains a pair of very large double-leaf timber doors. The scale of these doors is intended to induce humility in the visitor and emphasise the diminutive human scale in relation to the divine. The doors are studded with small gold bells arranged in a grid pattern, which devotees are supposed to ring as they move through. Footwear is also stored around the entrance area, as it is not allowed within Hindu temples as a sign of respect"...Wiki

The Sri Mariamman Temple is Singapore's oldest Hindu Temple founded in 1827 and is a major tourist attraction. 

As I was walking along the street, notice some interesting stone carving of the buildings.. must be a sort of tradesmark for the shops in olden times. 

Just a stone throw from the Indian Temple is the Masjid Jamae (Chulia)  aka the Green Mosque.

the foyer and further down is the prayer hall. 

a peek into the compounds... 
This again is Singapore earliest mosque established in 1928. 

the entrance with its twin minarets 

Building No. 1928 

saw this flea market along the back alley ...

rows of  heritage shops 

passed by a cat cafe...

Time to say goodbye, dear Sharon...hope to see you soon. 
She so kindly packed for us light snacks... the teochew peng kueh and chai kueh....which we enjoyed very much. Thanks! 


  1. I love the way the heritage and ancient buildings are being preserved in China, Penang and Singapore. Sadly in KL, they are not making much effort at all. You and I probably could guess the reasons.

    1. I came back to read this post and was surprised to see the exact temple doors which I photographed last week for my coming posts. Hihihi

  2. Hope you enjoy your stay in Singapore... We will meet again...

    1. You bet ... you will see more of me..hahaha