Monday, April 3, 2017



The lobby of Santa Grand Lai Chun Yuen Hotel.  It is one of the most historic hotels in Singapore Chinatown.

The high ceiling -3 levels altogether. 
This premises was a popular Chinese opera theatre built in 1887 and was a favourite spot for local music and opera culture. The reception was once the  stage and the backdrop for the changing scenes.

It was originally constructed in the style of a traditional Chinese teahouse and can accommodate an audience of 800 persons. It has been extensively restored and the solid pillars, red walls  and chinese red lanterns along the corridors leading to 80 air-conditioned rooms housed in 3 levels of the building.  The rooms are classified as Warrior, Scholar and Majesty.  

There are a lot of these posters adorning the walls around the hotel adding a classic charm to the space.
We did not have the time to visit the Chinese Opera museum ... maybe next trip.  

Mei Lanfang, one of the most famous Peking opera artists well known for his "dan" (lady) roles.  

some of the old musical instruments 

Just like a Chinese Opera, we walked down the red carpet,  along the dimly lit corridors to our room, a turn here and a twist around the corner, in order to reach our room. 

Our room for 3 of us, not actually large but comfortable space to move around.  The toilet is behind the wall and rather small with basic amenities. However there is no coffee or tea making facilities in the room, but you can get coffee and tea outside on the 2nd level sitting area. 
As the hotel is located in Chinatown, the noises outside can be a bit nuisance especially at night. Otherwise, we enjoyed our stay here.   


  1. Especially when you come out of the hotel, eatery place...

    1. It was very noisy at night with the music going on and on.....hahaha

  2. This hotel is so unique and interesting. I am a big fan of Chinese Opera since I was a kid. I used to watch them free during hungry ghost festivals as a kid but now I have to pay to watch them at the indoor stage.

  3. I like this type of unique hotels.... make part of your holiday fun and memorable.