Thursday, April 13, 2017


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One pot meal - Grilled Chicken with Tomato Rice.
This is not the Malay-style of  Tomato Rice.   I don't know where this original recipe came from as I got this from the Internet or from food bloggers.   But ever since I cooked it once, I have been hooked by the flavourful rice and easy method of cooking. 

Brought just 1 big tomato ...not sure its a big one, a twin  or a mutant one. 

one red bell pepper diced and small brown onion also diced. 

half a chicken perfect for 3 of us....each got her favourite part. The chicken have been marinated overnight with some cajun spice powder (thanks to Vicky) salt and pepper.  Lightly grilled them till golden brown and remove and set aside.  Add the diced onion to caramelise and I added some water to deglaze the grill pan and use the water  to cook the rice, adding some flavour.

So boil the rice till almost cook and add the whole tomato in the centre of pan and the chicken pieces and diced red pepper around. Continye cooking on low heat till water has evaporated and off the heat till ready to serve.  

To serve: mashed the tomato into the rice and  toss with some olive oil.  Can add some cut herbs to garnish and serve.

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The Potato salad is the accompaniment for the rice. 

Another simple meal... fried red mullet.
I saw an episode of cooking programme on Astro and this grandpa was teaching the girl to fry fish.  First rub salt over the fish and let rest for 30 minutes.  Wash off salt and pat dry.  Heat oil in wok and then add the fish. He patiently fry the fish on all sides till golden brown. The fish is then dished up and sliced spring onions and ginger were placed  on the fish and ....secret ingredient a spoonful of sugar is sprinkled over the fish.  Next spoon hot oil over the fish.  Verdict,  yes the fish did taste good indeed.  Remember you only dip the fish in soy sauce instead and do not pour soy sauce over and immerse the fish.

Have a wonderful weekend and HAPPY EASTER.   


  1. This grilled chicken tomato rice recipe sounds quite easy. The tomato salad will be enough without any rice for me. We follow the same steps for frying fish until you reached the part about adding sugar. That we didn't do.

  2. Have a lovely day and Happy Easter!

  3. Think this tomato rice quite popular a period...

  4. No doubt the tomato rice was popular sometime ago, but I love this flavourful rice and would cook it whenever I feel like eating rice.

  5. It sounds so easy yet delicious. Now you have given me an idea to cook rice tonight and throw everything inside esp big tomatoes!! Thank you!