Thursday, April 27, 2017



Gorgeous eggs for Easter painted by my brother-in-law's mother who is 80 over years old.  She picked those leaves from her garden and stencilled them onto the eggs.... hope that her craft will not get lost in time.

For me, the tradition is to bake some Hot Cross Buns.  
This year, I follow the recipe from  Its easy to follow and produced such soft buns.

a peek inside the texture of the buns. I had some raisins soaking in rum on standby and I used about 100 gm of it.  The raisins were soft and moist and the full of the aroma of rum when you bite into it.  

I did not apply the sugar glaze on the buns, but instead just rubbed some cold butter over the buns when they came out of the oven. 

coffee time with our french press coffee.
My little Alexa and her parents came back for a short holiday. It was indeed a wonderful and joyful week for all of us to get together.  It was too soon before we said goodbye to them and  we really missed them immediately.  There were foodstuffs left behind that Alexa could not finished and one of them were some over-ripe bananas.     

First try- Banana Chiffon Cake, recipe from Bake for Happy Kids and it really good... tall, soft, moist and aromatic as well. 

 Could not wait for the cake to cool properly before unmoulding it from the cake tin...hence the broken pieces.

Last but not least, some baked chicken pie. 
I had some leftover water/oil dough after making egg tarts during their stay.    Just simply cooked some simple chicken with mixed veggie filling.   

The crispy pastry and the savoury filling are a good combination.  In fact, when making these, it reminded me of my late sister Jennifer. Together with her, we had made these pies and curry puffs for sale on weekends when our kids were young.    
maybe now they are grown up, and with free time, I can do that again. Any one wants to order?

Our BIG breakfast at Strangers @ Forty Seven, PJ. after church service. 
My former classmate invited me to attend her church for Easter Service and what a small world, meet a lady who was formerly working in the same building with me who happened to be her sister and another of her friend who happened  to be my neighbour's daughter!  

Simple dinner for Easter... Kimchi Fried Rice with 

some Thai style Fish cake... again using leftover fish paste and minced meat and baby french beans and some fresh chillies and garlic. 

Have a wonderful weekend. 


  1. You are always baking and cooking something yummy! I want to live next door to you for free food. I promise to be good to your dogs and leave 100 comments in your blogs. LOLOL

    The painted eggs are so pretty and surprised me that real leaves were used as stencils. Something amazing eye opener to learn today.

    1. You are always welcome. Yes, she is Greek and has been doing this for years.

  2. Same with TM, i also want to live next door to you, hehe...

  3. Hi elaine...
    Wow that hot cross buns n the chicken pie sure look so tasty.. yummy.. there was a time when i was crazy about makin buns n breads.. but now not so in the mood... hahaha...

  4. you very rajin to make all these. so yummy leh

  5. Sometimes, feel like giving up esp when the bread "misbehave" but its good therapy.. thanks