Thursday, April 20, 2017



The 3 of us each had our own night out and infact I was home well after mid-night even though the dinner ended "early".  It was the long drive home and it is not often I was out late and the traffic were so busy that I thought it could not be the early hours instead! My daughters told me that the traffic can be crazy late/early hours of the day especially on weekend! 

Registration started at 6am and thank God, we were able to arrive in time as we were not familiar with the venue but it was a breeze to drive all the way.  

There was a performance by some of the Astro stars before the programme started.  


stretching and warming up 

supporting the sky .. thank God it was a cool Sunday morning... 

Relaxing after the stretches..... guess it was too early for some as they really let go and sleep on.
This is more like a stretching exercise instead of doing a yoga routine, quite misleading the name...but never mind its for charity.  

Happy ending
There was a Smile Charity market set up after the yoga session - selling food items, t-shirts and organic vegetables too.  Just wondering whether because of the the word "charity" does the items need to over-priced?  

Went home shortly and in the afternoon,  made these paus for breakfast tomorrow.

Different recipe for the dough, hence the different appearances and texture too. 


  1. Replies
    1. sometime.... it is good and relaxing as well but I also like aerobics and zumba too

  2. Oh I attended this Yoga Gathering few years ago! I cannot even touch my toes like you. Sobs!

    I want to learn to practice yoga everyday as it can prevent many diseases including cancer and blood clots. My wife holds a Yoga Practitioner's certificate and I am just a couch potato.

    1. Your wife is so talented and kind. Hope to meet her one day. Practice make perfect.

  3. Hi Elaine, your pau look so soft and fluffy. Love the texture of the smooth skin.

    Nice charity event even thou just a stretching exercise. I learned yoga way back 30 years ago, after went for aerobic. But not much practicing now, more of doing brisk walking.

    Have a great week ahead,regards.