Sunday, April 16, 2017



what a wonderful memory.... the girls that were present at the dinner gathering.. 

All ready for the night.... no evening gowns, no professional make up and no expensive jewellery needed, when a group of the old time friends are gathering together with an evening of fun and laughter...

No one is counting the numbers  on the cake... by the way the most decadent and sinful ice-cream cakes compliments by the organiser... Kate Wang. 

Thumbs up for the attendance!

One of our former classmate (now owner of the restaurant) so graciously put us in this BIG room and offered us a set dinner at a very very low price but such delightful and flavourful the way, that's her son standing beside her who was an Astro singer and he serenaded to us with a beautiful song before the dinner. 

First, one cake for the birthdays girls in January, February and March and we managed to finished this coffee ice cream cake, so proceeded to the next yam ice cream  for the rest of birthdays in 2017... 

After dinner, its time to sing our hearts out... have been fore-warned by our chair-woman, cannot post any videos! I really enjoyed myself and have not been laughing so much!

Yep, that's us alright! 

Meanwhile down-under its the wedding anniversary for Jeremy and Eunice .... plus the little one, Alexa

Happy wedding anniversary dears. May God be with you all.  


  1. I love meeting up with old friends too. No frills and masks needed as I could be myself. You looked relaxed & good in the photo.

  2. Yes, no pretense.. just enjoy ourselves together. Thanks