Tuesday, October 15, 2013



This post share the birthday party of my brother-in-law and little YZ in Melbourne over the weekend, so that my family in Malaysia know what is going on over there. 

My youngest sister Vicky- having her favourite Malaysian food at PapaRich in Melbourne.
She is the chef and organiser for the party.

The two birthday "boys"

Little YZ enjoying his birthday party (again!) in Melbourne. 

The rest of  my family member who reside  in Melbourne.. 

Vicky and her hubby  took great pains to organised a lovely birthday party and  everything went perfectly and everyone enjoyed themselves and had a great day.

First of all, let me show you ...
the cake which she baked the birthday party.  She is creative with the decoration!

Drawing the blueprint of the cake- I think I need to be more organise like her. 
She planned ahead and got all the necessary ingredients needed... 

laying out the cakes tin - body of the cake......

starting work on the cake... It was a chocolate cake. 

Wide happy smile and love showing forth.

While we were still sleeping soundly over here in Malaysia, she was already up at 6.30 am to decorate the cake!  It was coated with the chocolate ganache and then rice krispies were carefully placed on top. More details - eyes and mouth were added and not forgetting the cheerful red bow tie and the "buttons". Finally the YZ were formed with liquorice!  

Days before the party, she had started to get the house and deck ready ...

the fig tree - hopefully it will bear fruits when I come for my next visit!

the cutleries for BBQ were laid out. 

 Their speciality- souvlaki marinated with oregano, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and black pepper....

ready for the BBQ - so neat and tempting    

Greek mezza platter- sausages, chorizo, pickled onions, dills, 
and dolmades-rice in vine leaves-yum! 

Another Greek platter- feta cheese, olives, sundried tomatoes, carrot and celery

Hubby's hometown Greek country salad. 
Various dips 

BBQ chicken wings - marinated with honey and soy

She had a great time catching up with her university friends.

Well I heard they had a great time, thanks to your thoughful preparation and hubby's cooking.

She also baked some of these goodies when our relatives from China visited them in Melbourne.

Cupcakes for tea 

Dinner with relatives from Guangzhou in Melbourne

Greek biscuits for our Ku Cheh in Guangzhou


  1. Hello Elaine, I can see a wonderful celebration there! Love the big pans, small pans for the Beary Cake... Nice!!

  2. Hi, Reana
    Thanks for dropping by... yes my sister's good at baking too!