Monday, October 7, 2013


Nowadays many schools would hold a "graduation" ceremony for the school leavers prior to them taking their final examinations.  While this trend of "prom night" is exciting for the students, the ceremony does not come cheap.  There is the  rental for the hall to be paid by the school as well as the Parent-Teachers association and in fact this is one of the costs in the yearly fees that is compulsory for students to pay. Parents were invited but have to pay for the attendance.  Finally, the school could get their own professional photographers for the occasion and at the end of the day, the students will be required to buy these memorable photos of  themselves in the gown and mortar.  

However I think many of the students themselves look forward and enjoy this special occasion.  It is their  goodbye to the school that they have been attached for the past 5 years (ie secondary school), their friendships with other students as well as the teachers. Finally the years of being labelled as a school girl/boy  will be over. Some will be joining the working population, some to future their studies either overseas or the local university and some would maybe be getting marry and into parenthood! hahaha.

My niece will be sitting for her Form 5 this year and her school just organised the glorious event for them over the weekend.  Suddenly, we see her not as a little girl anymore, but rather a SYG.  She looked elegant and petite in her new dress and heels! 

We had our dinner at the Restoran Dynasty Bak Kuat Teh in Bandar Mahkota,  a place where you can find all sorts of eating places and cuisine delights.  

The Dynasty Bak Kuat Teh- this pot is for 2 pax - it was a bit small for 6 of us. 
The soup is clear and not as herbal as other places and the meat is tender.

Mushroom Hotpot- assortment of mushroom in a clear soup with green veggie
Suppose to be healthy and good for body- ie the fungi/mushroom

Stir Fry Beansprouts with salted fish

Chicken with Garlic- fried pieces of chicken tossed with garlic
We also ordered the Stir fry lettuce and another  pot of Pig's Stomach in Bak Kuat Teh soup.  
The servings were rather small and cost RM87.00 together with chinese tea and rice.

This is stray cat with her family - 4 kittens now.  I have been trying to catch them to spay/neuter but not successful so far.

They will scatter away as soon as I go near them but will come to eat if I am not around.
If anyone interested to adopt please let me know.

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