Wednesday, October 2, 2013


It was twin happiness as we celebrated the birthday of my eldest brother and the full moon of his new grandson last weekend.  

For this occasion, I decided to bake the Dark and White Chocolate Cake adapted from the Elinluv's blog.

I had this bar of  Dark Chocolate with Rum and Raisin and decided to use it for the Dark Chocolate layer.

I doubled the recipe and got 2 pieces each of dark and white chocolate layers.  This way I can have even layers as I always had  a problem of slicing the cake. These cakes were rather soft to handle so I put them in the fridge overnight- very BIG mistake as they turned stone hard the next day...sign....

Time to open this box and finish it off at a go. The kids loved these better than the cake!.

Do pardon my decorating skills... thats the reason I always prefer to use edible items for decoration no need to stress and mess around with the decoration.

Verdict: I find the cake rather dry and crumbly. Even though, we had left the cake at room temperature, the cake was still hard when slicing.  Taste wise- the dark chocolate layer tasted alright while the white chocolate cake layer were bland. 

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