Wednesday, October 30, 2013



New twist of Halloween... not carved pumpkin but hand-made soap.

Whenever my sister come back to KL,  we always try our best to make it a memorable holiday for her. So on a lazy Saturday afternoon, it was a "girls" affair as  the aunties and nieces made their way to the Sweet Home Soap in SS2 for a session of soap making as well as giving to charity. As I had blogged about this shop before, the proceeds of sale goes towards the home for disabled.       

 Getting the final products out of the moulds.

All our pretty and creative efforts!

The session lasted around 2 hours and Ms Ting, the instructor also gave us some facts about the presence of chemicals in the hair and skin products and how it endangers to our health.   She recommended the benefits of using natural soap.

After the soap making, we adjourned to Happy Mansion in Section 17 for our dinner. 

Burger with fries and salad

Chicken cordon bleu- juicy chicken breast envelop the ham and cheese within. 

May with her bandaged wrist... the normally docile Chu-chu (my dog) turned ugly and bit her when she tried to blow dry him after his bath. 

Have a Happy Halloween... 

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