Tuesday, October 1, 2013


When I compare these 2 photos, I can instantly  pick out which one is the girl and boy. I wonder why it is that we always tend to differentiate the male and female by  the colour choice of dressing them, even when they are babies! You know pink for girls and blue for boys!  But looking at them, I can see that little Xin Ning is more petite while baby Ivan is sturdy and more looks bigger even though he was just 1 month old! 

We celebrated my eldest brother's birthday with his grandson Ivan's full moon. Twin happiness!

The party was held at the Square Dotz cafe,  just a stone throw from his house.

It is a double storey corner house and hence we were able to make full use of the garden space for the party.

Cheers- only passion fruit and peach drinks. 

They also organise their own bazaar.

No, he did not pop the question here.  
But he must have got the inspiration from this mural. He did it at the Standard Chartered Bank Marathon the next day in front of the huge crowd. Congratulations and welcome to the family.

How nice to relax with a book and coffee.

 You can be a star .... jamming upstairs

quiet chit chat corner  by the window 

Sisters in a row!

Just some random food pictures: shepherd's pie and 
Fish aglio olio (fish fillets  with black olives) 

Chicken Rendang - getting too oily by the end of the meal.

The food that they offered were western style food -  spaghetti, oven baked chicken, mixed salad, fried popia, samosa, fries and mashed potato and Garlic Fried Rice. The satay was an addition which was bought from Kajang.  Food was simple and  mediocre. 

New father learning and doing a good job now.....

while the new mother (on left) relaxing and enjoying herself with friends

Chee Ken and mother picking their choices...

"I am not happy because I cannot eat what you all are enjoying!" 

"My 2 bundles of joy!"  Girl + boy = Good 
I am talking about the chinese character for girl and boy put together make up the word "Good".

Happy family 

The joy in his face is priceless.....

Giving a helping hand to cut the cake! 


  1. Thanks for your visit and comment. It sounds like you had a great party. Keep well Diane

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