Monday, July 29, 2013

Sweet Home Soap

It was after work.
It was Friday evening.
Trafic was horrendous
We were stuck in the middle of the highway for an hour.  I almost wanted to give up going but we cannot turn back so keep moving, braking and moving till the trafic cleared after Mid-valley!
Normally, I would not choose to go out on a Friday evening.
This was a meet up event - Soap making workshop at the Sweet Home Soap. We finally reached just in time before the workshop started.

The double storey terrace house is located within Section SS2 in Petaling Jaya.
This Sweet Home Soap Enterprise was founded by a group of parents with special needs children.  The main objective was to provide "employment venture, self sufficient and self reliance" and through the workshop train/give  them employment opportunities. The monies from these workshop and the profits from the sales goes towards building a shelter home for them.  

 These are all natural organic hand made soaps.  All the ingredients used for the soap are from natural resources- the sweet almond oil; pure essential oils (not fragrance)  and clays, charcoal powder etc.

Some of the beautiful hand made soaps- suitable for gift packs and they can be made to cater for any seasons or occasions.

Ms Mun- the teacher showing us the soap base- 
made from olive oil, palm oil and coconut oil

Method:  150 gm of soap base to be melted over boiling water.

Choice of silicone moulds for the soaps.

Once the soap base is melted, remove from heat.  Quickly (you've got to work pretty fast otherwise the mixture will set) add in 2 drops of the sweet almond oil- a moisturising agent.

Next choose your own fragrance and colour.  I have chosen Lemongrass essential oil for relaxing (20 drops of the essential oil are required)  and a cheerful yellow colour.  Stir to mix well but not too vigorous otherwise it will create bubbles in your soap.  Pour it into the moulds and leave to set. 1st Mission accomplished.
 We moved on to make facial soap next.   Again the red clay and charcoal powder are natural ingredient.

When the soap base has melted, quickly pour a small amount into the red clay or charcoal powder. Stir well and then pour the remaining mixture together. Add the sweet almond oils and essential oils.  No colour is required. Pour mixture into moulds and leave to set.
Finally the moment of truth and everyone was so excited. Squeals of laughter and surprises can be heard as each of us unmould our own creation. 

I think the first prize should goes to the Pink piggy taking bath - 
by Mr. Wong Kee Yew (organiser of Meetup) :D!

Sarah's Blue Angel and  my yellow Love Message soaps.

 Even a yellow Bunny appeared!

We have to give praise to those silicone moulds for each unique and awesome soaps.  
Of course, we have to give thanks to Ms Mun and her assistants for their patience and loving coaching and answering our numerous questions for this happy and fulfilling workshop.

Here are my purchases: from top: Honey and one type flower (cannot recall the name) soap- look and smell so good you feel like eating it!; Lemongrass and Lavender Essential oil for aromatherapy; the Red Clay with Lemongrass essential oil and Charcoal with Rosemary Essential Oil (these 2 were made by ourselves); hand soap (round ball) (it is free gift from Ms Mun) and French Clay Exfoliating Soap.

Sweet Home Soap Enterprise,
Address: No. 78 Jalan SS 2/6
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
TEl: 016-3325223   

Do drop by, learn something new as well as enrich someone's life!


  1. Good morning Elaine...

    The shape of the soap is cute...

  2. Good afternoon Sharon.
    I say all the soaps looks great- thanks to the mould.
    Are you going for the organic lunch organised by Mr. Wong?

  3. Hi Elaine, interesting workshop. Love the silicon mould, those colorful soap look cute and pretty. :)

    best regards.