Monday, July 1, 2013


After eating all those piggies, it back to Meatless Monday.  Why almost?

Reason being the Tomato broth was made with chicken stock.
I always have to get boneless chicken thighs as both of the girls prefer meat without bones (and fish without bones huh?). So I save those chicken bones/wing tips and whenever there is a bagful,  I could  make chicken stock, adding a piece of chicken breast (so that my doggies get a treat), bay leaves, black pepper, 1 carrot (diced), 2 sticks of celery and 1 brown onion. Boil them about an hour and when cool, strain and keep in fridge to be used whenever  a quick soup/broth is  needed during the week. So it was just a matter of adding tomato wedges (without seeds) to the stock and boil till the tomatoes turn soft and mushy and you get a nice sweet tomato broth.  

 Steamed Oyster Mushrooms with wolfberries and rice wine.

 Homemade glutinous rice wine and bottle of rice wine with rice lees bought from Guangzhou.
Season with soya sauce (remember no salt with rice wine), sesame oil and minced garlic. If prefer more herbal flavour, add 2-3 slices of dong qui.
Steam over high heat for 10 minutes and serve immediately. 

I put the mushrooms to steam while I stir-fry some baby kailan with dried taufoo.   
Add oil to wok and pan fry minced garlic and sliced chillies till fragrant.  Add the dried taufoo pok (must blanch them first with boiling water and squeeze dry). 
Add dash of oyster sauce and water and let it simmer for a while so that the dried taufoo becomes soft.
Add the baby kailan and cook till soft. Lastly adjust seasoning and serve. 
Easy but tasty meal.