Monday, July 22, 2013


Sabye de rue (How are you)
Sabye dee (I am fine)
So I guess the Restoran Thai Sabye Sabye is place for good company and food.

This Thai Restoran is located in the Central Plaza along Jalan Kelang Lama has been around for a long time. It is a family-oriented halal restaurant.

Inside a few intricate wooden craving decorated the walls, nothing garish and together with the warm lightings lends a subtle charm to the interior.  

We were notified by the assistant chef that the restaurant will be shifting soon so we decided to go for dinner as well as to celebrated the belated birthday of my niece (center above picture) with my siblings. 
We arrived around  7.30pm and the place was busy with many families breaking fast together.
Anyway it was alright as we have to wait for my sister to arrive. 

So we were able to go outside and walk around the shopping complex.   There is a wet market as well as a supermarket on the ground floor and the food items are cheap and and fresh too. Upstairs are more shopping lots as well.   

Finally we had our dinner and everyone was hungry by then. Service was prompt and efficient.  The food started to arrive hot and fast. 

Deep Fried Soft Shell crabs- crispy and fresh

Otak-Otak- creamy custard with pieces of tender seafood as well- delightful!
Fried Kangkang with sambal.

Claypot Prawns with transparent noddle (tung fun). 
The prawns were very succulent and fresh.  However we find that there were too much peppercorns in the noddles, with each bite it like an fiery explosion  in your mouth. In the end, we have to pick them out.  

Sotong Fried  with Salted Egg Yolk- 
very tasty and aromatic with the curry leaves and egg yolk  

Steamed Siakap with minced garlic and ginger crisp -
I was a bit sceptical at first because normally the flesh of  the Siakap tend to be soft and mushy.  However this fish was fresh and firm.   

Tomyam Soup- hot  but  not too spicy with the right sourish edge. 

Kerabu of chicken feet- 
The chicken feet was crunchy with a very potent douse of chili padi! But it lacks the flavour of lime juice. 

Pandan Chicken - moist tender chicken very aromatic

Fried Kway Teow with beef.  
The beef was slightly overcooked and hence chewy but the kway teow was good 

The assistant chef that I mentioned is my niece husband, Ah Lek and he gave us a complimentary dish of Green Curry Chicken.  I loved this dish (too busy eating and forgot to take photo), the creaminess of the santan with the basil.  Surprising not everyone was happy with this dish- they don't like the flavour of basil!    

We could not finish all the food and have to takeaway.  Thanks to my sister Jennifer who paid for the bill.
Thanks to Ah Lek who ordered for us such an  interesting array of dishes with the freshest ingredients too.

What more can I say but Sabye dee with this wonderful meal.


  1. Good evening Elaine

    All the foods looks so tempting...

  2. Good morning Sharon,
    Thank you very much for the lovely postcard which I received yesterday.
    I did not have the time to visit Marina Bay and the Garden the last time.
    Maybe next time we will meet up.