Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Vanilla Macarons with Salted Caramel

With plenty of time on hand during the long weekends, it was perfect to try out recipes.   So while I was busy trying to bake the Braided Sausage Rolls, Sarah said she wanted to make macarons for her friends.  She had done these a few times successfully  and  it has been well received. So now this is her baby- (the recipe was taken from Food & Travel Magazine August 2011)  As she was wondering what flavour to do, I suggested to make it with vanilla beans and salted caramel filling.

Getting into the vanilla beans.

Mixing the vanilla seeds into the almond paste.

Whipping  the meringue to a stiff peak

Must have been over-mixing of the colour, those "feet" were not that tall this time.

Making the salted caramel-

Adding in the thickened cream to the caramel and the fleur de sel.

Adding the butter to the caramel

Sarah sandwiching the macarons with the chilled salted caramel.

These macaroons were a hit with her friends.  The salted caramel mellowed the sweetness of the macarons and hence it was a very nice balance of sweet and savoury.

There were some salted caramel left and I used them to flavour some  cream cheese frosting for the Banana Cupcakes (recipe taken from A Table for Two.Australia Masterchef).

The salted caramel frosting is so yummy.

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