Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Last month my sister had commissioned me to bake the Birthday cake for her grand daughter which fell on 3/8/2012.  Now this is a weekday and I don't want to bake the cake during the weekend as it could meant that it will be almost a week old on her birthday.  So I did the baking 2 days preceding the date of delivery.  I had a good time practising my icing skills again!

For a 6 years old girl, I decided to bake a tri-coloured spong cake - pink, yellow and green. Layered it with strawberry frosting and decorated it using smarties to form a rainbow. 

Soft yellow sponge cake

 Delicate pink sponge cake

Bright green sponge cake.

I had some fresh strawberry puree in the fridge.  Added them to the whipping cream.

Fill the strawberry frosting between the cakes layers.

I had 2 layers each of the coloured sponge. However when I started to assembled them, I found that the cake will be too tall.  So I half each layer into 2  instead. This was the result.

For the icing, I tried the stablised whipping cream - adding 1 tbsp of gelatin dissolved in 2 tbsp of water and then microwave it to dissolve all the gelatin  before adding it to the whipped cream.  After icing the cake, put it back in the fridge to set the icing.

The sides of the cake are then coated with coloured rice.

Smarties were used to resembled rainbow colours... however I noticed that after some time, the colour of smarties started to leach!

I have managed to get these colourful candles as well. As the cake was given to her, I did not get a cross section of the cake.  But I am delighted to know that  they liked the cake very much.

Besides the Birthday Cake, she also ordered 80 cupcakes for the girl's birthday party at the kindergarden. I think this will be the last year I am baking for her kindergarden birthday party as she will be going to school next year.   

I have decided to bake the Banana and Chocolate Rice Cupcakes instead of the Confetti cupcake. Again these cupcakes got some very positive comments.

I do not want to waste unnecesssary money buying those cupcakes boxes.  Instead I DIY these "tray"  using the covers of the paper boxes with some pretty wrapping papers.  
 I used the Swiss Meringue Buttercream -recipe from The Nasi Lemak Lover.   I doubled the recipe and colour one batch orange and the other pink.

Now I still had 3 layers of the sponge cake after.

So just filled and layer them together and dirty icing the cake.

Then  using the remaining buttercream, testing my icing skill on a ombre rose cake.

I used a 1M tip and it does looked lopsided - needs more practice!

Ran out of icing for the top and the spaces left out in between too.  
It is not for anybody birthday, so Sarah just gave it to her friends. 


  1. Thanks for shout out on the swiss buttercream, can this buttercream stand the heat when you keep outside? You did well on ombre rose cake, next time i shall out this cake.

    1. Good morning,
      Thanks for good recipe! I left these on the table for the whole afternoon- it was ok.