Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Went for a cake demo at the T-Garden Cooking School in Taman Midah the previous weekend. I alway like to attend baking/cooking workshops, you'll never know what tips you can pick up from these professionals.
 The pretty young  chef to the day.

Part of the kitchen.  The school takes up 2  lots of  double storey terrace house.

 Another part of the kitchen

The participants waiting eagerly for the demo to start.

The cake demonstration included Carrot Cake with  cream cheese frosting; Chocolate Brownies with Chocolate Ganache and Red Velvet Angel Cake with Fresh Fruits.

Whipping cream to a stiff peak.

Making the Red Velvet Angel Cake- very similar to a chiffon cake - using egg whites.

The cakes waiting for the finishing touch.

Frosting the Carrot Cake with the cream cheese

She showed us how to pipe the cute little carrot.

Plating the Red Velvet Angel Cake

Finally we had the food tasting of the 3 cakes.

Red Velvet Angel Cake - a white cake batter tends to be a bit dry.  However eaten together with the whipped cream and fresh fruit, it makes a nice combination.

The Carrot cake was light and fluffy as it was made by creaming butter and sugar together before adding the rest of the ingredient instead of the normal mixing using vegetable oil. The brownies were dense and very tasty with the ganache.

The school offers various workshops eg making sushi, mooncakes and also the Junior MasterChef during the school holidays besides courses in Western and Chinese cuisine as well as baking course.

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