Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Today's (16/8/2012) front page in the Star published the death of Punch Gunalan- our badminton legend.   There are  also 2 other articles that mentioned about the death of Helen Gurley Brown- creator of the Cosmopolitan magazine and death of Francis Chan Chen - a person  much valued  in the blind community. My mother in law passed away on 13/8/2012 and we have just completed the burial ceremony yesterday and I am back to work today.

So it is true that nothing is certain in life except death.  It will happen to all of us regardless of race, religion and rich or poor, the famous or anonymous.

My mother in law has accepted Jesus Christ in her senior years and from the glowing testimonies given by the church members, she had been a fervent follower.  

She had lived a exemplary life for her children these 85 years. She has been suffering from diabetes and during these few months, her health has been deteriorating and this really an end to her suffering. 

Her final church service.
My father-in-law (deceased) had the foresight of buying a double burial plot at the Nilai Memorial Park.  Now they will have the company of each other again.

Sarah, Esther and Jeremy (who came back from Australia)- feeling very sad at the loss as all of them were cared by their grandmother when they were young.

Final resting place.

During the 2 nights of the wake, many old friends and relatives turned up.  It may be sound morbid, but it was a good opportunity to meet up long "lost" old friends.  Death does draw people out of their busy schedules to give respect to the one already dead. These phrases keeps cropping up around that nights - "Time passed so fast", "Health is the most important  thing" "be happy and love/treasure those around you".    But do we really do/practise  them?  One relative remarked "all these testimonies, was it ever being said to the person while she was alive?" 

As one of the bloggers - Quay Po once blogged about death, and as I had often said to my children- "there is no need for tears and regrets, I have done what I have being destined to do on this earth and whatever it be remember only my happiness and love to you all."
Just cremate me and throw my ashes to the sea so that I can go on a long journey to those places that I have not been before in my life. Amen!


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